Nutrition Action Alert: 2018 Policy Priorities
January 3, 2018
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Looking Ahead: 2018 Advocacy Priorities

Happy New Year!  This is a  time of new beginnings and fresh starts, along with time for reflection.  For twenty-five years, CFPA has advanced innovative policy solutions to increase low-income Californians' access to nutritious, affordable food.  L earn more about CFPA's goals for the upcoming years.  PDF

Throughout 2017, CFPA engaged  with communities and listened to the input and perspectives of hundreds of Californians through stakeholder interviews, local meetings, statewide coalitions, and public input surveys.  link  

As we listened, we heard recurring challenges and obstacles to securing the food needed for healthy lives, and  heard promising opportunities for change .

Thank you to all who participated in our policy development process!

The insights and feedback contributed was invaluable. We truly appreciated the time and thoughtfulness of those who voiced their  ideas. We are grateful for the organizations, coalitions and partners that welcomed us in collaboration.

We have worked to identify emerging solutions to increase low-income Californians' access to affordable, nutritious food.  Most of the issues we heard from communities will be reflected in CFPA's upcoming agendas. 

Over the next few months, we will be releasing our 
2018 priorities for state legislation, federal advocacy, research and administrative advocacy.  

Stay tuned!

Learn more about our work on the CFPA website

Contact: Tracey Patterson  at 510.433.1122 ext 101
2018 State Legislative Agenda

The Tide of California's Progress Should Lift All Boats
State policy can make a significant impact to fight hunger and improve health. California is a state of ambition- we aim to lead the nation. While many of us are united in resistance, we still live in two very different Californias: one where certain people thrive - and one where many people struggle just to get by. 

We envision a healthy and food secure California for all. CFPA is calling on the State Legislature and Governor Brown to take action in support of this vision.

Double the 'Fresh' in CalFresh: Make Healthy Food More Affordable 
Enable CalFresh EBT to integrate supplemental benefits for California fruit and vegetable purchases. Pilot community initiatives to determine the best way to expand these efforts at grocery stores and farmers' markets statewide.    

Don't Make Hunger a School Choice: School Meals Matter 
Ensure that low-income public charter school students are guaranteed access to a nutritious , free or reduced-price school meal each schoolday,  just like all other public school students in need.

Food with Care: Invest in Low-Income Working Families 
Restore access to healthy food for low-income children in child care by reimbursing child care centers and providers for serving nutritious meals through the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP).

Advance Educational Equity with Breakfast After the Bell 
Extend and strengthen California's After-the-Bell Breakfast Expansion Grants, particularly for high-poverty schools and those striving to improve attendance.

Contact:   Tracey Patterson  at 510.433.1122 ext 101


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