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2024 Teacher of the Year

Faye Richards

4th Grade Teacher at A. Montoya Elementary

Richards said it’s been fun to connect the garden to the curriculum. Many of her students have started gardens of their own and are even composting at home.

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"When it comes to our students hearing and learning from people that are actually in the field, it impacts them on a deeper level than hearing it from any educator. Your story is important to share," Shae Devers. attended the Tri-County Annual Meeting between Rio Arriba, Santa Fe, and Taos.

Our activities and lessons, like "Earth's Land and Soil Resources" presented at the Tri-County Annual Farm and Livestock Bureau meeting, showcases the preciousness of our soil and the importance of taking care of it because our topsoil is a nonrenewable resource and by using an apple to represent how Earth’s land resources are used, it's an AGmazing visual for people of all ages.

Use this activity with your local schools or the general public (rotary club, city council, faith-based groups, etc.) - the options are endless because we believe everyone should know the importance of where our food and fibers come from.

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Pictures courtesy of Silver FFA - Trey and Analeya.

Visit a local classroom with "The Goat in the Rug"

Let NMAITC set you up for a classroom visit so that you can connect with local students and introduce them to AGRICULTURE! This is a project open to ALL AGvocates, not just our FFA and 4-H connections. Students can learn from you how Geraldine (a goat & author of the story) gets made into a rug by her Navajo weaver friend, Glenmae, and understand the importance of our natural resources. Also a great way to share YOUR CONNECTION to agriculture.

This year's Ag Literacy Project provides each classroom with an educational visit that includes fun hands-on activities, the book to keep for the classroom library, and newfound connections to agriculture especially relating to goats & sheep.

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See the impact of CORE Trainings

Community. Outreach. Resources. Education.

Through our CORE Trainings around the state this past year, we've created opportunities to start working closely with schools like Floyd School District, Dona Ana Elementary, and Tome Elementary to create our pilot programming for "Ag Literate Schools". Thanks to connections that are made by New Mexico Farm and Livestock Bureau county members, like Leon Nall (from Roosevelt County Farm & Livestock Bureau), NMAITC was able to showcase our curriculum and activities to superintendents, principals, and teachers. We appreciate the support and positive response we've garnered from events like this.

Become an Agvocate with us, and help connect your local schools to NMAITC.

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"Tasty" AGvocate/Volunteer Presentation Ideas with Ag Literacy

Here are two "teach and eat" ideas to bring together great books and tastable moments.

Great for K-2 classes - rhyme schemes and identifying ingredients in recipes.

Dr. Seuss Day is on March 2nd, so here's a FUN & EASY option for you to get into the classroom. Read from "The Bippolo Seed and Other Lost Stories", and connect it to our "Stew for a Few" recipe.

On this sheet, you will also find a list of beef facts to share - you can bring in copies of it to pass out to students so they can bring it home and share the knowledge onto their family.

Click here for Stew for a Few.

Perfect for 3-5 classes learning plant parts that we eat - stem, roots, leaves, fruit, and flowers.

As an agvocate/volunteer, here's a great recipe and book to help elementary students better understand how vegetables grow and what part of the plant we can eat.

This stew also provides a perfect opportunity for ranchers to talk about the importance of beef production, and you can share YOUR story and experience working with livestock.

Click here for NM Ag Stew.

Email for additional ideas and support.

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