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New Year. New Start?
I will stop short of saying Happy New Year because, by this point in January, the new year is well underway. That is not to say I am not happy to have you reading this email. Welcome to the first Virden Benefits Newsletter of 2022.

How are those New Years Resolutions going? According to statistics from the source noted below, of those who make a New Year's Resolutions:
  • After 1 week 75% are still successful
  • After 2 weeks 71% are still successful
  • After 6 months 64% are still successful

In 2019, New Year's Resolutions helped Kelly Birch, a New Hampshire freelance journalist, write a will, get life insurance, buy a new home and become a landlord.

Virden Benefits can help you with the Life Insurance and introduce to an Estate Attorney, Realtor and other Trusted Partners. Reach out for a Consultation today.

Dental, Vision & Life Insurance, Oh My!
Much different than Lions, Tigers & Bears - Vision, Dental & Life Insurance can be effective financial planning tools. Virden Benefits now offers 3 new ways for you, the individual outside of an employer plan, to shop for these products. Click the links below.

VSP Vision - shop VSP Vision, the only national not-for-profit vision insurance company, for individual and family coverage*

Delta Dental - Massachusetts residents can compare, find & enroll in plans that fit your budget

Term Life Insurance - Shop for Life Insurance from your couch and completely on-line via Sproutt, the easiest way to buy life insurance*

Cheese Lover's Day?
Did you know that January 20th was Cheese Lover's Day? Did you know there was a Cheese Lover's Day? Me neither. But I support it!
Protection Against the High Cost of Ambulance Transport
Ambulances offer a critical service when we need it most. However, when we receive the bill, there is often a severe case of sticker shock.
See both in-network and out-of-network scenarios above. Out-of-pocket costs for helicopter transport can range from $8000 to $30,000!
Click either image above for more information
Perfect for the world traveler, active weekend warrior on the slopes or elsewhere and anyone not interested in paying big bucks for an ambulance ride. Available as a Benefit you can offer employees or Direct to you as an individual.

Schedule a complimentary consultation with Virden Benefits to learn about MASA Medical Transport Solutions
How Money Works
Life Insurance can be an important part of financial planning. Whole Life with cash growth, Permanent Life with guaranteed retirement income and optional Long Term Care coverage are two examples of practical, affordable solutions.

Virden Benefits is willing to send you a FREE copy of "How Money Works" by Tom Mathews & Steve Siebold. Yes, FREE. It is a short yet informative read. Simply reach out and we'll send the book immediately.
Injury or Sickness
Impactful Any Time of Year
At Virden Benefits we help clients all year round when injury or sickness strikes. No matter the time of year, out of pocket expenses can stress individuals and families. Virden Benefits offer affordable, practical products that can protect your finances and those of your employees.
Trusted Partners
I am very proud to know many great professionals who are tops in their fields. When you need a service, there is a strong chance I can recommend someone. Check out this list of Trusted Partners and just ask if you want an introduction.

Each month I am going to highlight one of my partners here. This month I am featuring my friend Marissa Szabo of Well & Simple.

Marissa Szabo is a certified nutrition coach and fitness instructor and the owner of Well & Simple, a nutrition coaching and workplace wellness practice. She works with clients one-to-one to help them get to the root of their eating habits and make healthful changes that stick to using evidence-based strategies. Keeping it simple and practical is the name of her game. Last year, she was able to complete her passion project by publishing her Empowered Eating Journal to help both clients and non-clients dig into their eating habits and reach their goals.

Marissa also provides employee wellness programs to companies of all sizes both virtually and in person, including workshops, cooking demos, nutrition coaching, and fitness classes. Her goal in all of these programs is for participants to leave with simple strategies they can start using right away to improve their health. Local to the North Shore of Massachusetts, Marissa is also an avid mushroom forager, true crime enthusiast, and foodie. 
Quote of the Month

The person who is well prepared has already won half of the battle.
- Portuguese Proverbs

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Thank you for being part of the Virden Benefits, LLC newsletter odyssey. I appreciate you sharing and helping me grow my audience.

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