The Spirited Woman
THE NEW YEAR is a great time to read a new book and be inspired. On our New Year's Top 12 Book Pick list, we've featured an array of authors - and even included an up-and-coming male author who writes women's fiction. We urge you to support these spirited talents! Save this list year round! A great resource for you.
TRIBAL ABUNDANCE: LIVING COURAGEOUSLY IN AN UNCERTAIN WORLD - Have you ever felt powerless and alone? It's how we respond to those moments that determine the path of our life journey. This book will give you the tools and perspective to shift towards living a life of Tribal Abundance® by finding your tribe and having an abundance mindset. Pre-order here.  

TREE SPIRITED WOMAN - Multi-Award Winning Book! Over 23,000 copies sold. A story of spiritual awakening and life enrichment wherever one is in her life journey. This is a must read for women everywhere. Tree Spirited Woman feeds your soul and invites you to look into a mirror of personal reflection. Start 2019 with this life-changing read.
A DROP OF WATER: A SPIRITUAL JOURNEY - Have you ever felt alone? Have you ever struggled with depression or loss? Find inspiration from the unique perspective of a Therapist and Suicide Loss Survivor. The author bares her soul and courageously shares her journey towards healing. She uses water as a tangible, lighthearted, and fun way to express how we are all connected. www.laughingatmyself.lolAmazon
DARK INNOCENCE - Book One of the Star Seer's Prophecy trilogy by Rahima Warren is a mystical fantasy of the healing journey from evil and suffering toward love and awakening.  The three books take the reader on an intense, inspiring, challenging, and emotional journey. It is a gripping story for those on the "hard path" of personal healing and spiritual growth. Amazon.

FROZEN DINNERS - Bestselling author Elaine Ambrose departs from her award-winning humor to write a compelling story of her childhood near the village of Wendell, Idaho. Her father rose from poverty to establish a multi-million-dollar trucking company to haul frozen food throughout the Northwest. Unfortunately, the fortune and family were destroyed, and Ambrose is the sole survivor. Amazon

THE INNER TREE - In a delightful narrative painting trees as the perfect metaphor for inner wisdom and connection to Source, author Maura McCarley Torkildson's rare gem examines the obstacles to intuition and shows readers how to overcome them. Learn to trust your intuition, your body and your emotions while tapping deep into the Divine with your roots. Amazon.

TRUSTING ALL I WANT - is a women's success novel set in modern Chicago during a whirlwind year for Lana Delacroix, whose story is one of space, boundaries, provocative options, and painful choices. Joining her are Tom Edwards, Jill Nguyen, and Rudy Santana, whose encounters with Lana expose the risks and rewards of trusting fully in one's desires. Amazon.

OWNING OUR TRUTH - Sharing life events truthfully, 34 authors come together to cover a wide spectrum of Spiritual and Metaphysical topics. Through their courageous storytelling the authors reduce the stigma associated with spiritual experiences and create pathways for conversation and exploration in the influence of "higher intuition" in information literacy and creativity among practitioners, scholars and global leaders. Amazon.


44 HOURS & 21 MINUTES: A WOMAN'S TRUTH AND POWER - by Rashawn Renée. A journey of and testimony to courage. It is for every woman who wants to be cherished, know they matter, live with whole-self-acceptance, experience profound love, and make choices that communicate Self-Honor. Upon completion of this book you will stand taller and understand your value. Amazon.  

AGELESS & ICONIC: LOOKING FABULOUS AT ANY AGE - will help you develop your Signature Style so you'll become distinctive and memorable. Your image is your brand. When your image matches your message, you become unforgettable. This book is a guide to developing your Signature Style so people will not only see you, but feel you and then really hear you. Amazon.
IT FEELS GOOD TO FEEL GOOD - by Cheryl Meyer. This book identifies the toxins in our lives that are attacking our immune system. They are everywhere. Toxic load increases over time causing our chronic illness. Eliminate toxins from your life for your health, for the health of your families and for the health of our planet. I teach you how. Amazon.

REINVENT: REDISCOVER YOUR PASSION, REFUEL YOUR PURPOSE, RESET YOUR LIFE - Ever wake-up at 3am and wonder, "Is this all there is?" Your soul wants to soar, you just don't know how - or upsetting your current life is too scary? Elizabeth Rentz shares her story and powerful transformation tools to motivate you to build the compelling future you deserve. Amazon.

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