The Spirited Woman
NEW YEAR'S starts the year off with a bang of excitement, resolutions and opportunity. Our Top 12 Pick List is filled with visionaries (we are even featuring one man!) who will help you leap into 2019 and year round, too. We urge you to support these spirited women & spirited man. Save this list! A great resource tool for you.
HEAL. GROW. TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE. - Int'l Awards-Winning Best-Selling Author, entrepreneur and mentor, Mari L. McCarthy is the Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of CreateWriteNow. Through her master transformative one-on-one approach she helps you create a custom journaling plan and shows you how to use therapeutic journaling to heal the issues in your tissues and transform your life.   

STEPHANY LEVINE, SOUL (SELF-OWNERSHIP UTILIZING LOVE) SPECIALIST - has facilitated others to recognize and tap into their abilities to become independent, creative solution seekers, rather than victims of their circumstances.  Her process utilizes the Akashic Records and The Compass Life Management System ™ to impact your spiritual, intellectual and financial well-being. Stevie invites you to sign-up for a free 30-minute consultation!

KATHERINE WITTEMAN, M.A. - Mystic, Muse, Visionary Artist and Certified Intentional Creativity Teacher - passionately guides women to the truth of their radiant light and innate divinity. With eternal optimism, compassion, and love, she inspires her students to awaken to their most vibrant, joyful, empowered lives. Experience the transformational magic and healing power of intuitive painting, creative playshops, and life-changing travel adventures at

DENISE MEDVED - Tedx Speaker, Harvard Medical School Presenter and Creator of Ageless Grace® Brain Health, a cutting-edge cognitive fitness program based on neuroplasticity. Ageless Grace, taught in 50 states/28 countries, activates 5 primary functions of the brain and simultaneously develops 21 physical skills. It's never too late to begin. It's never too early to start!
DEBORAH FRUEH - Founder of the Worldwide Metaphysical Tribe Networking Event for professional metaphysicians and alternative practitioners. Held in August in Illinois, this Tribe empowers professional practitioners of all types to work in cooperation, not competition. Tickets only available through the mailing list at Learn all about past events on our Facebook  page: 2019 - Worldwide Metaphysical Tribe - August 10. 
JODI ROSE GONZALES ATR, NCC, RYT200 - is an artist, art therapist, author, yoga teacher, and lighthearted guide. Her unique programs will inspire your creativity; empower you to feel more expansive, resilient, and fulfilled; and offer you breakthrough results. Jodi offers live and virtual presentations, group workshops, coaching, and retreats. Find Jodi Rose on Facebook and Instagram @JodiRose.Studio or visit


YVONNE WILLIAMS CASAUS - is an Author, Speaker, Counselor, and Play Therapist. Her passion is helping people overcome trauma and live with confidence. She shares her knowledge as a Therapist and Suicide Loss Survivor to encourage others. She offers online courses on Confidence and Self-love and owns a Counseling agency that specializes in treating PTSD in children, adults, adolescents, and families.    

LAWYER BY DAY, WOMEN'S SUCCESS NOVELIST BY NIGHT - For over 20 years, Tim Sansone has been a husband, father, and St. Louis appellate attorney with a burning desire: to write women's fiction designed to celebrate women's successes. His new publishing imprint, Women's Success Novels, LLC, just published its first novel. Look for it on Spirited Woman's Top 12 Book Pick List.
JONI ADVENT MAHER - believes we as women pay an immense price for our unexpressed truth, wisdom and gifts.  Our loved ones, community and world pay the price as well.  As a spiritual midwife & transformational guide, Joni supports women in birthing their incomparable Radiant Presence and Sacred work in the world. At & Trust Your Sacred Feminine Flow on ITunes, Spotify, Stitcher. 

DENI VAN - is an author, speaker, host of the Heartfelt Awakening Podcast Show and provides online courses for spiritual development. Her passion and specialty is facilitating the spiritual awakening process while quantifying the healing journey. She is a transformational mentor, bridging science and spirituality, guiding those who are seeking Self Realization to their own unlimited source of healing power.

CINDY BALLARD, HOLISTIC HEALTH AND WELLNESS COACH, LLC - I help clients to lose weight, improve their overall health and maintain their desired lifestyles. I have also developed a soon to be introduced program, the Art of Aging Gracefully, that addresses the concerns and conditions to aging. Let me be your guide on your journey to health and wellness!
BORN A PSYCHIC, FULL-BLOWN TOUCH-EMPATH, JUDI HENDRICKS - spent the first 30 years of her life learning to manage her "gifts," then spent the next three decades teaching and healing healers. A Reiki Master and crystal healer, she calls her vocation "Psychospirituality," teaches in-body meditation, energy, crystal, and sound healing, and offers private clairvoyant sessions to support the world's "canaries."

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