The Spirited Woman
NEW YEAR'S is a time of many changes on all fronts. Our Top 12 Pick List is filled with experts, products and services who will help you start your new year off with a spirited bang. We urge you to support these spirited women. Save this list all year round, too! A great resource tool for you.
EMBRACING YOUR SELF: A SACRED JOURNEY TO BALI - June 17-24, 2018 - Join us on a journey to Bali where we will walk in our beauty and reflect our light into the world. In addition to circle time and yoga, we will journey to a traditional Balinese village, visit magical Ubud and participate in a purification ritual and blessing ceremony.

ROBERTA MITTMAN - A dedicated wellness coach, speaker, author, licensed acupuncturist, and certified nutritional consultant, Roberta Mittman serves the New York City area as well as those from around the world who connect with her for guidance to look and feel trim, vital, elegant and unstoppable. Her magic: the perfect, holistic blend of Eastern principles and Western information. Visit her website

CYNTHIA SEGAL, PSYCHIC RANKED IN THE WORLD'S TOP 20 - With a global clientele, Cynthia is known worldwide for her psychic abilities. Everyone needs her 3 STAR ANGEL READING! Find out where you are in Health, Wealth and Relationship. Cynthia is graciously offering the Spirited Woman community this $199 reading as a gift to launch your New Year. Call her! 305-389-1887, .
HAVE YOU LOST TOUCH WITH YOUR PERSONAL PLEASURE? - Do you sometimes feel invisible and unappreciated? Do you long to be seen, be heard, and inspire change? Sabrina Fritts, creatrix of change, will show you how to align with and embody your powerful essence through the Art of Feminine Presence® practices to attract the attention you desire and ignite your passion.

HAVEN WRITING RETREATS - In this top-ranked writing retreat, New York Times best-selling author, Laura Munson, will help you find your unique and essential voice using the power of the written word. You do not have to be a writer to come. Just a seeker. Give yourself permission to finally say what you need to say in the way only you can.

LINDA SHAY - Dolphin Ambassador for Joyful Living. 22 years ago, I received a magical spiritual initiation from a wild Hawaiian spinner dolphin. Now I am a vehicle for their extraordinary healing frequencies. Receive through Dolphin Energy Healing sessions, and/or dive in to the Dolphin Attunements, which create a profound, permanent leap in your consciousness. Love heals. Joy Transforms!


BONNIE LAMBERT - "My oil paintings depict nature and the hand-of-man in celebration of each other." Formerly a professional actress, Bonnie immersed herself in art after she moved to Southern California. In 2009, she began studying oil painting with her mentor and greatest influencer, museum-collected Chicana artist Margaret Garcia. In 2011, Lambert had her first show.


GRACE TOTORO - A leading career transition coach, and contributing writer to, is the founder of Transitions By Grace. Passionate about helping Job Seekers recognize their true value and motivating them to set their goals and reach them, she is also the creator of the Winner's Pitch™ - an innovative approach to Job Search.

CYNTHIA SHOLES Ph.D. - is a positive mind therapist and the founder of Mind Wave Institute. Her goal is to harness the natural healing power of the mind to help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Tapping into the inaccessible subconscious - she will help you eliminate old baggage, limiting beliefs and reduce stress.

LINDA ROSENTHAL - is the founder of Insight Out Visionary Healing Arts. Her life's work is to create a safe, sacred space for others to transmute fear into love. Her trainings in meditation, intuitive writing, chakra studies, energy work, Reiki, RoHun Spiritual Renewal Therapy, and sound healing are the foundations for co-creating conscious, sustainable communities beyond her private holistic practice.
DEBORAH ROTH M.A - is a Life Design Strategist and Interfaith Minister who loves working with overwhelmed, under-nurtured women, co-creating practical and magical strategies to help them re-claim clarity and joy in their lives, work and relationships. She has spent 35+ years coaching, training, writing, and speaking on practical spirituality, women's empowerment, & radical self care, and convenes monthly women's circles and tele-meditations.
MICHELLE LEE - a powerful conduit for the Divine Feminine has been helping women step into their power for 16 years. Women working with Michelle, shed their fear and self-doubt, learn to trust their intuition, and ultimately embody and cultivate their Creatrix energy to bring forth into physical form their heart's desires and soul's purpose.

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