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2022 and Beyond
You’ve been reading the articles, headlines, etc. The housing"verse" is evolving and at an increasingly rapid rate!

Skyrocketing home prices and housing affordability issues, supply chain issues, eviction moratoriums, rental assistance: 2021 was a year-long roller coaster ride for property owners and renters alike again (we see you there in the background 2020)!

FPM Properties has been working hard all along keeping abreast of trends and dynamics and keeping pace. It’s been a sprint and a marathon at times.

Here is one thing we want you to know specifically about the rental assistance (that we have successfully recovered for many of you):

  • What you see or hear or read: the update that the funds have arrived.

  • What you don’t see or hear or read: the many hours (literally) spent on the phone (most of it on hold) to navigate all the potholes on the road to rental assistance success. It is a program (in our experience) that is always under construction and the signage is extremely poor. This is just one example of what goes on behind the scenes daily (often in circumstances we exercise no control over) to ensure that one way or another, you are receiving the returns on your investment property.

So, we’ve been working on things we can control—like upgraded and augmented service features for your residents that ultimately benefit you as well. You will soon be able to see what that looks like when it goes live—we’re still putting the finishing touches on two initiatives that we’re really excited about!

We’re entering this new year with more tools to face whatever comes next. We’ve endured through quite a bit these last two years, always with an aim to minimize any impact to you. We’re armed and ready for 2022 and ever vigilant on your behalf!

That includes expert guidance on acquiring investment property in Jacksonville and/or providing association management services to your community! Contact marketing for more details!

Here's a link to the latest from Tallahassee

Have a happy and blessed 2022!

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