Please join us for our regular weekly Thursday Dream Group on Skype or in person
7-9 pm January 31st
followed by a dream incubation ritual and guided mediation for our intention to serve and love the earth! We will walk the new an improved Snake Labyrinth
with a bon fire at the center of the belly of the snake.
Followed by DANCING! and Star Gazing (weather permitting)
Contact Bonnie for more information
(858)248-5123,, Skype bonnie.tarwater
Happy New Year! Come join us in silent prayer and meditation as we reflect on creating a new story for our time of ecologic crisis which is a spiritual and religious opportunity for growth change and creativity.
 May our new Church for the Earth AKA the Church of Mary Magdalene dedicate herself to being a bridge between science and religion,
 head and heart, male and female, as we learn new Earth-Human relationships of love and awe.