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January 25th
Scrapbooking Retreat

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June 16th
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January 18. 2019
I don't know about you but for some reason this past week feels like the first real week of 2019.  I believe it has something to do with the way the Holidays fell but none the less here we are, the third week of January.  With that being said I am reminded of my New Years Resolutions.  Of the 5 resolutions I set for myself, two of them seem to be still in play.  The two left standing are to increase my charitable giving and not to procrastinate.   I always WANT to give more but when the time comes it seems the funds are never there to make that gift in the amount I wanted to.  I get that appeal letter and say ok, I'll save up and when I get $250 I will send it in.  If you are like me that extra $250 never seems to be there.  The solution for me is to setup automatic monthly recurring gifts.    So for an organization that I would like to gift $250 to, I setup auto payments of 10% of that amount or $25/Month.  Not only does this make it easier on the pocketbook, but I will give $300/year instead of $250--BONUS!!!  The only way I can do this is by not putting it off and do it right now.   As said in the 11 Chapter of Ecclesiastes  "Whoever watches the wind will not plant; whoever looks at the clouds will not reap."
I ask you to consider doing the same for Walcamp and any other charity you support for 2019.   It is really easy to do and it helps us plan our ministry year.  Click the button below to setup today!

Call me anytime to talk WalCamp, the weather, or just about anything.

Have a Blessed 2019!
Bill Indelli

Summer Camp 2019-Life ROCK
Our theme for Summer 2019 will complement the National Youth Gathering.

In Psalms and elsewhere, God is described as a Rock and a Refuge. Campers this summer will explore concrete, physical aspects of nature - rocks - to ground spiritual discussions about a present - yet invisible - God. Inspired by the 2019 LCMS National Youth Gathering: "Real. Present. God." Life Rock looks at the reality of this almighty, invisible God in our lives, and compares the different types of prayer we can use when communicating with Him.

Summer Camp Discounts
Bring a Friend to Camp
Both Registrations
Must be your friends first time at Camp.
Offer Expires 02/15/2019. To redeem register both campers online and pay $75 deposit.  Call the office with the names and discount will be applied.
Do you have a family member attending the National Youth Gathering?
  If so we know that this is an expensive year for you.   Walcamp would like to help by offering you $75 off Summer Camp in 2019.  To redeem please register online and pay $75 deposit.  Call the office and let them know and you will receive a $75 discount on your summer camp registration.
Youth Gathering Discount

Offer Expires 02-15-2019.-To redeem register online for summer camp,  pay $75 deposit and call the Walcamp office to have discount applied.
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