Yellow Diamonds are an exciting edition to your jewelry wardrobe and have gained tremendous popularity due to their variety of hues and intense sparkle.

Diamonds on the Key offers yellow diamonds in a variety of shapes, carat weights & designs to suit every budget!

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) recognizes 5 grades when determining and assigning a color grade to natural yellow diamonds. Color is graded for its “intensity” with some yellow diamonds having a very strong color while others are much lighter with just a yellow tint. Also taken into consideration are “tone” and color “saturation” of the diamond. For that purpose, an intensity color scale was invented specifically for yellow diamonds with 5 grades as follows: Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Deep, Fancy Intense and Fancy Vivid.

Scroll down to see the new Yellow Diamond Collection and many "One of Kind" new designs from Diamonds On The Key, as well as Yellow Diamond makeovers and a few of our clients enjoying their yellow diamonds!
Yellow Diamonds designs by
Diamonds on the Key
23.84 ct tw Asscher Cut Tennis Bracelet
5.35 ct tw Asscher Cut Yellow Diamonds Band Ring
10.12 ct tw Pear Shape VS1
Yellow Diamond Ring
6.06 ct Yellow Diamond Pear Drop Earrings
10+ Carat Yellow Diamond Pear shape ring shown with 10+ Yellow Diamond Pear shape drop earrings
5.98 ct Asscher Cut White Gold Eternity Band
5.73 ct Oval Cut Rose Gold Eternity Band
5.35 ct Asscher Cut Yellow Gold Band
2.10 ct Radiant Cut Engagement Ring
1.00 ct Asscher Cut w/ Halo Engagement Ring
1.70 ct Oval Cut Engagement Ring
1.20 ct Cushion Cut Yellow Diamond
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Yellow Diamond Make-Overs
The owner of this ring wanted to have a complimentary color added to her existing yellow diamond and selected a matched pair of beautiful emeralds to flank the sides of her radiant cut yellow diamond. This one of a kind, head turning ring garnered the client many compliments and was exactly the stunner she had dreamed of!
The owner of this Yellow Diamond wanted to add more sparkle to her classic 3 stone ring. A new custom diamond halo design was created, with all 3 diamonds reset into the new mounting. This dramatic new ring yielded much more sparkle from every angle and the client was thrilled!
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Diamonds on the Key
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