As you likely know, New York Cares Day Fall happens every October with 4,000 volunteers brighten classrooms, hallways, and futures by painting, throughout the five boroughs. You may also remember the t-shirt we've had for the past few years. Just like in for Cares Day Spring, we are ready to freshen up our shirts this fall, and we need your design help. 


To take part in our Cares Day Fall T-Shirt Design Contest, you must simply submit a proposed design by Sunday, August 9th.


New York Cares staff members will vote on entrants and will select winners shortly thereafter. The winner and the winning design will be recognized on our website and, of course, on thousands of t-shirts citywide on Cares Day.   


Here are some quick guidelines:

  • The artwork must include the New York Cares Day Fall logo. This logo may be moved and re-sized as you desire, but must remain visible and legible. All necessary images and assets are in this Dropbox folder.
  • The artwork may have up to five (5) colors included in the design.  These colors must include black and red.
  • The artwork should should be no larger than 8 in. wide by 10 in. tall.
  • New York Cares reserves the right to edit your submission to meet printing and New York Cares branding needs.

Please send your submission via email, Dropbox, or another file sharing service to




Matthew Gragnano

Manager, Service Events

Office: 212.402.1138
New York Cares Day Fall
Interested in becoming a mural artist on New York Cares Day Fall 2015? 
Click Here for more info!
Please send all interest emails to
Project Opportunities 

Follow the steps below: 

Step 1: Communicate with the program manager about the mural 

Step 2: Meet with the community partner agency to gather design ideas

Step 3: Create a preliminary design and submit it for approval

Step 4: Begin sketching on-site and complete by deadline


Agency Location: New Settlement Apartments, Mt. Eden, Bronx. 4 train to 170th St. or B/D to 170th St.

Mural Type: Wall Mural (23 ft. wide, 12 ft. high)

Mural Themes: Progress and Graduation for Adults

Program Manager: Grace Ryan,

Sketched by: August 19th

Spotlight Artist
This month in the spotlight is... Haemi Choung!

We reached out and asked her a couple questions. Here's what she had to say:

NY Cares: Give us a statement from you about your volunteer experience with New York Cares as a mural artist.
HC:  If you are looking for a satisfying way to help the community and to improve on your artwork, being a New York Cares mural artist is the best way to do that!

NY Cares: What do you enjoy most about creating art for New York City public schools/agencies?
HC:  The best part about creating murals for the schools is how involved the communities are. Every instance that I worked on a mural, I get to meet the students, teachers, the principal and even the parents! It's great to see how involved the community gets when it comes to the public schools. 

NY Cares: How was your experience working on New York Cares Day Fall 2014?
HC:  It was at first overwhelming - me and a friend was asked to design two really large murals and help set up a couple of canvas paintings. For only one day of painting, it was a lot to do and my main worry was if we were going to be able to finish in time. But what I didn't realized was the amount of volunteers- both old and young- and the eagerness they showed when it came to paint really impressed me. With everyone's help, we were able to finish 4 wall murals and dozens of canvas paintings! 

NY Cares: Why you would recommend other volunteer mural artists to become involved?

  I always believe that everyone has a special talent- it could be singing, being really great at sports, to being really tech savvy to others. Being a mural artist volunteer is a great way to use your artistic talents for the greater good. Also, as an artist, we aim to make art for others to see and NY cares is an amazing opportunity to do just that.  


NY Cares: What are you currently working on?
HC: I am a freelance cartoonist that works on many art projects for clients and for the world! You can see all my comics on my website  Recently, people have hired me to write their comic love letters to their significant others. It's one of my favorite projects since I get to meet new people, listen to their love stories and translate it into a comic that they would cherish! If you are interested in a commission love letter, just get in contact with me!

NY Cares: What is your favorite project memory?

HC: My favorite project memory was when me and my friend came to a school a few weekends before NY Cares Day [Fall] to help prep the paint and designs. The mural helpers were students that were part of the art class and they were all creating ideas about the mural. It was amazing because together, we were able to collaborate on a design that everyone liked and it gave the students some ownership of their school. If there was one thing I could instill with others is the feeling of pride for your school and community. There is no better feeling than that!

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