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Introducing Virtual DealShare
Since 2014, CCIM designees have successfully shared their property haves and wants via the members-only MailBridge email platform. This year, the New York Metro Chapter in conjunction with Region 11 (comprised of Chapters in the Northeast) is launching a unique remote version of the MailBridge program to became "Virtual DealShare," offering all Chapter members a more efficient, robust way to make connections and do business online via the webinar format. 
As Ian Grusd, CCIM SIOR, says, "It is a way to promote select listings eeting a criteria) in a uniform format that incorporates what I saw at the NYSCAR Annual Event and CCIM Conference Dealshare. And, would provide great exposure and value add) for our members especially those that do not attend meetings/events due to circumstances. CCIM’s could invite their Buy/Sell Clients to view as a marketing tool as well."
DealShare would be an online platform a tool that connects Chapter members and their clients who want to buy and sell properties. Members can share their property haves and wants as they did in MailBridge, and Virtual DealShare would offer them an effective way to do it remotely, creating goodwill with their clients, and as a marketing tool for new business. 
The Chapter would format the information on a customized dealsheet that would convey the basic highlights of the property. The broker/agent would be allowed to answer any questions at the end and their contact info featured in the end. 
Wishing everyone a great end to the Winter season!
Member Highlight with Alfonso L. Holloman, CCIM
1) Can you elaborate how your secured the Chocolate Factory deal?
The Chocolate Factory deal took a lot of persistence because the NYCEDC provided the financing. There was a lot of beurocratic procedures to follow. I represented the seller and the Chocolate Factory, with assistance from the NYC Arts Council teamed up with NYCEDC.
2) Has the CCIM designation helped you?
The CCIM designation played a large role in this transaction due to my underwriting skills. I advised the seller (my client) on the value of the property which made the case for the eventual sales price. I love the commercial real estate business because it allows me to use my personal character in everything I do. Whether I’m networking, pitching business, or lecturing students, I’m expressing myself and helping others at the same time.

3) What is the most difficult deal you’ve done in your career?

The Chocolate Factory transaction was the most difficult of my career. It was a two year process. The process of working through the city agencies required a lot of patience and expertise in order to get the project across the finish line. Everyone on both sides of the transaction had to work together.
How STEM Job Demand Can Lead to Real Estate Opportunities
T echnology plays an important role in the personal and work lives of all Americans, and there’s no doubt that in order for the U.S. to continue to be competitive on the global stage, companies will need to continue innovating.

This decade is already gearing up to be dominated by autonomous and electric vehicles, artificial intelligence and automation, advances in medical sciences and cybersecurity, the expansion of the cloud and the internet of things, and property tech and wearables.

The label attributed to the industries that research and develop these incredible technologies is STEM, which stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Of course, the people whose occupations focus on creating these technologies are already of growing importance, and the cities that are able to attract companies with STEM jobs are likely to flourish for the foreseeable future with population, wage and job growth, making them potentially sound locations for real estate investments as well.

STEM jobs are certainty on the rise. Roughly one out of every 10 new jobs created in the U.S. between 2018 to 2028 is expected to be in STEM fields, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). BLS also projects that STEM occupations will increase by 8.8%, or more than 858,500 jobs nationwide, to 10.6 million during that same period. This would vastly outpace the 5% growth rate of non-STEM jobs over the same period.

STEM employees run the gamut of industries from finance, food processing, and manufacturing, to healthcare, defense, and pharmaceuticals. Specifically, they can be mathematicians, biomedical researchers, electrical engineers, scientists, data analysts, information technology specialists, and much more. Since these employees are in high demand and require technical skills, they typically earn much higher wages than jobs in other fields. The median annual wage of STEM employees in 2018 was $84,880, which was more than double the median income of non-STEM jobs of $37,020, according to BLS data.

The demand for STEM jobs is likely to intensify as there is currently a shortage of qualified workers in the STEM fields, which was estimated to be 2.4 million jobs in 2018, according to the Smithsonian Science Education Center. This leaves room for millions of additional potential jobs to be added to the field.

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New York RE Broker Fee law and its Suspension
Brokers fees are back, for now...
Good news!

NY Metro CCIM Chapter was made aware of this issue and had discussed it in its first board of directors meeting last week among other issues for the chapter.

“Our leadership was ready to mobilize its members in case the ban did not go through,” said J.R. Chantengco, CCIM, 2020 President.

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At this time, the New York Metro CCIM Board of Directors has voted to monitor the COVID-19 before scheduling any chapter events. We will keep you updated on the situation.
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