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Welcome to the 42nd issue of Craft Spirits Weekly , a service dedicated to bringing you the news most important to the craft spirits distiller. Check your inbox every Thursday to find a curated selection of articles and news pieces from the American Craft Spirits Association.
NY Rye Week Kicks Off Friday
New York Distilling Co. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, which makes two very fine ryes, is hosting the first ever Rye Week, with three rye-centric events beginning this weekend. (Gothamist) 
ACSA Craft Spirits Competition's Final Deadline 1 Week Away
There is still time to submit. October 27 is the final day to register for ACSA’s annual judging competition. All participating spirits must be received by November 1. The cost to enter is $250 per spirit for ACSA members and $350 per spirit for non-members.  Winners will be announced during the ACSA Distillers Convention & Vendor Trade Show in Pittsburgh, Pa., March 5-6, 2018.
AK Distillers Still Serving Cocktails as State ABC Revisits Mixed Drink Order
The fate of toddies, sours and mules at Alaska distilleries is still uncertain. The state’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Board is struggling to decide whether the businesses should be allowed to serve cocktails. At a meeting Monday, the board revisited an advisory instructing distillers to stop mixing drinks. But they didn’t come to any new conclusions. (KHNS)
Buffalo's Lakeward Spirits is Built on Neighborhood History
The designation of “New Buffalo” is now commonplace among older residents or expats looking to succinctly classify the city’s ongoing metamorphosis from underwhelming upstate outpost to evolving proprietors of Rust Belt chic. But what’s become obvious is that there’s no renewed path for Buffalo that’s not built off its history and old properties that have patiently waited for the Queen City to gets its act together. Thankfully, the new is being built off the old and this is literally evident with craft distillery Lakeward Spirits, nestled inside 46,000 square feet of re-purposed barrel factory in the heart of the Old First Ward.
Houston's 8th Wonder Brewery Opening a Distillery
Fans of Houston's 8th Wonder Brewery will have another way to enjoy drinking local. 8th Wonder announced Monday it will build a distillery right across the street from its popular brewery in downtown Houston. (Houston Chronicle)
Seattle's Heritage Distilling Co. Launches 'Cask Club Radio' Show
Seattle’s KIRO Radio 97.3 FM and Heritage Distilling Co., Inc. (HDC) have launched the first weekly radio broadcast show dedicated to the growing craft spirits, cocktail, beer and wine culture. (The Drinkable Globe)
Connecticut's 'Farm to Flask' Law Takes Effect
Dan Beardsley’s great-grandfather made moonshine on the family farm to make ends meet during Prohibition. Now he can boost farm profits with a legal distillery, thanks to a new Connecticut law that took effect Oct. 1. The law, based on a similar “farm to flask” law enacted in New York almost a decade ago, allows farmers to distill and sell spirits using their own produce without high-priced licenses or distribution requirements. (The Whiskey Wash)
Iowa Warns Consumers Not to Cross State Lines with Alcohol
A reminder to alcohol consumers buying beer and wine in Illinois: you can't cross Iowa state lines with those beverages. The Iowa alcohol beverages division issued a reminder on Friday, telling consumers about something that has been on the books for years. (KWQC)
Catskill Distilling Showcases Whiskey Range at Bar Convent Berlin
Catskill Distilling Co. showcased its America- made whiskey brands last week at the Bar Convent Berlin (BCB) International Bar and Beverage Show at the booth of its E.U. importer, Compagnia dei Caraibi. (The Drinkable Globe)  
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