Touring the Green Mountain State Since 1986!

Fun time last Saturday, May 4. See President's Message below which captures the day! Scroll down for a few photos or check our website for the full spread.

Carl notes he welcomed 17 new members who have joined us since the winter doldrums, bringing us to a record membership in the mid-170's.

Next tour is Saturday June 8, taking us into New York State. See below for tour details Note: this one does not require a Motorsportreg registration. However, please RSVP to Events Chair Duffy Miller ( so he can give the restaurant the count.

NOTE: If you are receiving this email as a "friend of Green Mountain Porsche Club," please consider joining PCA. You get a great magazine, Panorama, and membership in Green Mountain is included in the annual dues of $45 a year. Go online at , or simply call headquarters in Maryland at (410) 381-0911‬.

Here's to a great tour over Lake Champlain to New York, and lunch in Peru (that is, Peru, NY, not Peru, VT nor Peru, Latin America!)

Communications Chair/Newsletter Editor

President's Message

After days of rain and gray weather, the members of the Green Mountain Region anticipated the first drive of the 2019 season with some trepidation. Our tour leaders, Duffy Miller and Al Iuppa had designed a two-start tour with plans to converge at Tessie’s Tavern in Bethel, Vermont for lunch and a chance for the membership to meet new members who had joined GMR during the past winter.

A total of approximately 40 cars converged on the two start locations on a cloudy, damp and foggy day, but with the exception of a few remaining frost heaves and potholes, we all had a great drive on an early spring day in the Vermont countryside. Most of the trees and perennial plantings were still wearing the brown of winter, but the fields were filled with green and the streams were brimming from rain and the remaining snowmelt.Thanks to tourmeisters Al Iuppa and Duffy Miller!
We welcomed 17 new members and affiliates, many of whom were able to attend this first drive. I didn’t have a chance to meet every new member, but I look forward to seeing everyone during the 2019 driving season. I strongly believe that new members can bring new ideas to our group, which will enrich the experience for everyone.  I encourage you all to contact me or any other member of our board, if there are questions or ideas to share.
We were able to have a short business meeting following lunch, and future Green Mountain and Zone 1 events were discussed. I again discussed Treffen Vermont, and I had a chance to more fully explain some of the jobs volunteers would be doing. Treffen Vermont registration will open in June, and I anticipate that the 120 spots will fill rapidly. 

Dave Whittall mentioned that he is investigating DE instructor training, and we talked about members attending driving events organized by other regions in our zone. I also recommended that everyone look more frequently at the Green Mountain Region website, as Al has made certain that there are links to Zone 1 and PCA sites.
Best regards, drive safely, and remember it's not just the cars, it's the people!

President, Green Mountain Region
New York Tour Information for Saturday, June 8

Our June 8 tour will start at the Charlotte / Essex Ferry crossing GPS: Charlotte Ferry Dock, 2901 Ferry Rd, Charlotte

  • Members should plan to meet around 9 a.m. to register and sign waivers, get wrist bands, and buy ferry crossing tickets for the 10 a.m. ferry crossing. We want to all be on the 10 a.m. ferry, so try not to arrive late or you might have to wait for the 11 a.m. ferry.

  • Cost for the ferry: 
  • Driver and car: $10.75
  • Adult passenger: $4.50


After the ferry crossing, we’ll be traveling over some very scenic roads in New York, through the winter Olympics town of Lake Placid, stop at the Whiteface Ski Mountain area north of Lake Placid for restroom breaks and pictures, and end at Livingood’s Restaurant and Brewery in Peru, New York.


Livingood’s Restaurant and Brewery is ready to host us for lunch. If you get lost on the tour or miss the 9 a.m. ferry, it's GPS 697 Bear Swamp Rd, Peru, New York (near Plattsburg, FYI).

Members and guests will order off the menu and pay for their own orders; t here is no need to register with Motorsportreg, as we often do.

But --- please RSVP by email to Events Chair Duffy Miller at so he can tell the restaurant how many of us to expect.

After lunch, people will be free to follow their own favorite routes back home. Note the ferry crosses back to Vermont on the half hour.

Should be nice! Thanks to Friend of Green Mountain Region Stu Friedman for his work in planning the tour with us.

Duffy Miller
Events Chair

Welcome New PCA Members!
Info updated May 12, 2019

Please say hello to the following new Green Mountain Region Porsche Club members who have joined PCA here, or moved and changed regions, since our last newsletter, according to monthly data supplied us by national PCA. Note: if a member lets his or her membership lapse and then signs up again, they will appear as a "new member." In which case, welcome back!

It would be great if new members would send photos of themselves with their cars so we could post them in The Mountaineer and on the website. Just send to this newsletter email,

Name Tags: New members need "official" Green Mountain Club name tags for wearing at all events. Please email our treasurer, Christina McCaffrey , to request them and she will try to get them for you in time for the next event.

Our records show the following new members joined since last fall!

Michael and Kathy Rouleau of Barre. Silver 1998 Boxster. Must be one of the first! Welcome Mike and Kathy!

Robert Joyal , West Windsor. Silver 2019 718 Boxster GTS. Can't wait to see it Robert! So now we have a Boxster from one of the first year or two runs, and the latest.

Matthew Progen , Newport, Silver 2003 911 Carrera 4S. Welcome Matthew!

John Barnes , Bristol, Black 1999 911 Carrera. John has joined Green Mountain Region transferring from Central Pennsylvania. Welcome John!

Charles Kofman , Shelburne, Cobalt Blue 2005 911 Carrera S. Charles has transferred up from Everglades. Welcome Charles!

David Loh , Morrisville, Silver 2016 Cayman GT4. Welcome David!

Albert St. Amand , Burlington, 40th Anniversary Silver 2004 911. Welcome Albert!

Bill Lawless, Morristown, Green 1965 356 Cabriolet, Red 1961 356, Grey 1965 356, and a Red 1982 911 SC Targa (Yep, that's what it says on the membership list!)

Marty Wernetrt , South Burlington, Silver 2000 911 Carrera

Timothy Fishburne , Craftsbury, Blue 1966 912

Scott Search , Waterbury (transferred in from Down East Region in January.) Owns a 2006 Cayman S Welcome Scott!

John Van Deren , Montpelier, Joined in January. Owns a 2002 911 Carerra Cabriolet Welcome John!

Joe Beaudoin , Colchester. Joined last November. Owns a white 2013 911 Carrera S. Welcome Joe!

Tracy Meier , South Burlington. Joined last November. Owns a white 2011 911 Carrera GTS. Welcome Tracy!

With apologies, earlier Mountaineer newsletters overlooked three who joined us last February:

Kenneth Petrocca , Wardsboro. White1975 911 Targa.

Edward Ryan , Cuttingsville. Red 1998 Boxster.

Stephen Soule , Waterbury. Blue 2000 Boxster.

If you joined since last October/November and have been receiving this newsletter and haven't been acknowledged in this space, please reply to this email and let us know! Better yet, include a photo of you and your car.

Photos from the May 4 Spring Tour and New Members'
Meeting and lunch in Bethel
Update Your Membership if Needed, and --
Would You Like a Co-Member Friend or Family to
Receive the Mountaineer?

If you would like your spouse/partner/or any other family member to get the Mountaineer newsletter, please email me at and put "Co-Member" in the subject line, and type in the email address you want to receive the newsletters. I will put the address in our "Co-Member" contact list.

It is a good idea to check on your membership information in your member sign in at and make sure it's current and correct-- names, addresses, email addresses, family info and data on your car (model, year, color etc).
Check Out the New Look of Our Website , .

GMT Member Alessandro Iuppa, our webmeister, has been doing a great job in improving our website's look and functions. As communications chair I join the rest of the board in thanking him for all this work.

Al welcomes any and all comments. From Al:

Each page now includes the site’s menu options, upcoming events in a list and calendar format as well as links to the Porsche Club of America, PCA Zone 1 and information about Green Mountain Region Membership.
In addition to current news and items of interest we now include a new feature, the President’s Message, on the Homepage. Ever wonder what happens to all those photos that are taken at our events? Then click on the Archives page where you will find a treasure trove of photos going back over 12 years. It also includes an archive of events and recent newsletters. Other pages feature our current directors, how to join PCA & Green Mountain Region, and Tech Talk.
The website is intended to be a key two-way communication tool for our members, whether to obtain or to share information. Other enhancements are under consideration so please visit often! And if you have any suggestions or comments, we'd love to hear them, so please pass them on to me.


2019 Schedule of Events

J une 8 - New York Tour - see above for details .

In the works:

Tours are in the works for July, August, September (after Treffen which is the first week in September) and October. Then, early December for the Holiday Party.

See below for info on the upcoming VAE Auto Show.

Fun Year!

Duffy Miller, Events Chair

Events Committee members: Al Iuppa, Dave Kynor, and Susan and Jason Eastman

Call for Volunteers for Treffen in Woodstock
Early September

By Carl Wulfestieg, GMT Club President
PCA Treffen events are limited access events, which are placed at 4 and 5 Star hotels throughout the country. These events are placed in regions different from Porsche Parade, and alternated between east, west and center of the country.  

As many of you have learned already, the Woodstock Inn was selected as the site of the September 4-7 Treffen Vermont. It is anticipated that there will be 130 cars and perhaps 250 participants for this event. Treffen national selected the location and I have commitments from Zone 1 that Green Mountain Region will have support from neighboring regions. I expect that many volunteers will be needed from GMR.
A number of volunteers will be needed to help with this event, and I am listing the positions which need to be filled:
Registration Team (RT) : The RT will be responsible for assisting in the packing of the Treffen participants’ Goodie Bags on Tuesday (all day) and Wednesday morning and early afternoon. On Wednesday afternoon, the RT will assist the Treffen Registrar and PCA staff in registering the Treffen participants from 3 – 7 pm. Approximately four people are required for the RT. The RT will work with the Treffen Registrar to accomplish this task.
Information Desk Staff (IDS ): The IDS will staff an information desk, usually located near the lobby of the host hotel from 12 noon – 7 pm on Wednesday and then from 7 am – 4 pm on Wednesday through Saturday. The information desk is staffed with two people at all times that it is open. The IDS will prepare a binder of material containing local information on nearby restaurants, car repair facilities, emergency services, etc. They will also maintain a listing of all participants’ names, Regions, tours scheduled, NDO activities, etc. (provided by the Treffen Registrar). The Treffen Chair will provide the Region with a list of materials that should be available at the information desk, but it is the responsibility of the host Region to collect and compile this locally-specific information.

Tour Departure Assistants (TDAs) : TDAs will assist in directing arriving participants at the tour departure area to get in their correct lane for their scheduled tour. Approximately 5 – 8 TDAs may be required depending on the number of guided tours actually scheduled for Thursday and Friday. After the final tour for the day leaves, the TDAs will collect signage, cones and other items used at the site. Signage will be used for future Treffens.

Tourmeister and Tour Drive Teams (TDTs) : The Treffen Tourmeister is a member of the local Region who has the overall responsibility for the development of all guided and self-guided tours. The TDT will consist of a lead car with driver and navigator, a mid car and a sweep car. The mids and sweeps need not have a navigator or second occupant.
It is expected that there will be 6 tours which will be led on Thursday and repeated on Friday. There might also be a guided or self-guided tour with moderate off-road driving provided for participants who attend with their Cayenne or Macan vehicles.
Car wash station : A car wash station should be identified at the host hotel and car wash supplies maintained by the host Region.
It is my opinion that many of the jobs can be filled by multiple persons, and it should be possible to break up the jobs into multiple shorter shifts. 

I would hope that many Green Mountain members would agree to volunteer, so that we might share in providing a great event. Also, Green Mountain members will be eligible to register for Treffen Vermont. 

It is my expectation that GMT members leading tours would be spared the added expense of the individual tour, as TDTs will have their lunches provided by Treffen. Please respond by email to or 253-279-2345
Please inform me what positions that you can help with, and how many hours or days you would be available.
Thank you all for volunteering to help with Treffen Vermont.

Your Green Mountain Region Club Officers
Carl Wulfestieg
Dave Whittall
Vice President
‭(802) 843-2482
Christina McCaffrey
Peggy Larson Secretary
Sandy Gilmour
Communications Chair
Alessandro Iuppa
Don Jones
(802) 359-3606
Albert "Duffy" Miller
Events Chair
‭(802) 613-3169
Bill Root
Immediate Past President
About These Email Communications: 

Replies to these GMT PCA emails come to me (Sandy Gilmour), not the entire membership; however, I can forward to President Carl Wulfestieg and other board members if needed. I always welcome any comments on any ways we can improve communications with GMT PCA members.

We welcome any submissions by members who have some fun experiences, photos, tech stuff and other adventures to share! Email me at

Remember also, it's a volunteer organization. Any help you can provide -- especially with event planning -- is most appreciated by all!
~ Sandy
Sandy Gilmour ('99 Boxster)  
Communications Manager
Green Mountain Region
Porsche Club of America