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Through innovative programs, clinics and seminars, Goodtoknow Horses, a 501(c)3 organization, seeks to help people improve their horsemanship skills and understanding of the horse, in turn, improving the lives of their partners, the horses.
Announcing the Young Horse Trainer School Scholarship For Further Education
The Adam Rosen and Sarah Zaides Rosen Young Horse Trainer School Scholarship is designed to encourage further education for those seeking to learn how to train young horses. Through a generous donation from the Rosens, our non-profit organization, Goodtoknow Horses, awards two scholarships for riding participants to attend the Young Horse Trainer School, September 1-6, 2020, at Maplewood Stables in Reno, Nevada.

The annual YHTS, with clinicians Linda Allen, Jose Alejos and Julie Winkel, has now become a sought-after educational opportunity for people wishing to learn more about training young horses. 

From halter breaking foals to backing 3-year-olds to preparing sport horse prospects for the Young Jumper and Young Hunter divisions, the school offers a variety of educational opportunities, both in the classroom and in the arenas, to expand your horsemanship and training knowledge.
“The Young Horse Trainer School is really where my interests lie—in ensuring there's a new generation of horse people who can train horses (and not just show them), can bring along youngsters and help the horses' owners understand their horses better,” said Sarah Zaides Rosen.
Each scholarship includes tuition as a Young Horse Trainer School riding participant and hotel accommodations for the duration of the school. 
To apply for the 2020 scholarships, please email a resume, a cover letter providing information on your equestrian background and future goals with young horses and a video (or link to a YouTube channel) showing the applicant riding one or more horses on the flat. 
Contact: Julie Winkel ( ).
The deadline to apply is July 15, 2020.
Scholarship winners will be informed of the award decision before the end of July.
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Our primary objective is to provide education to people for the good of the horse through clinics, events, workshops, lectures and seminars, and to provide public and charitable services with this purpose.