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New Zealand's Broadband Muddle

 Twisted Wire 23rd August 2012

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Malcolm Turnbull said recently that we should be looking to New Zealand to see how to role out a high speed broadband network.

This week we see how there is a lot to learn from the way they are doing things. Sadly, it seems to be a lesson in how to restrict competition. The program includes Paul Brislen, Chief Executive ofthe Telecommunications Users Association of New Zealand and David Stone, CEO of New Zealand Telecommunications Forum.


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Locals relay their experiences as those amongst the first to be connected to the National Broadband Network. You'll also hear from Amanda Rishworth, the Labor MP whose Kingston electorate includes the town of Willunga.


Telstra's mobile network delivered a strong result for the telco this morning, but NBN Co's fixed-line solution will cost more and take longer than expected. 


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Tony Abbott implied this week that private schools should get the same level of funding as private schools. Does that really make sense? And Steve Keen questions the merits of returning to the Howard era, a period of rising private debt that contributing the global financial crisis that is still playing out today. Stilgherrian predicts the tech bubble is also about to burst, whilst David Campbell talks about the remake of Total Recall, a film all about
how people have holiday memories implanted in their brain, which explains why my last break was a two week nudist holiday with Cameron Diaz.

iiNet and TPG Get It On

On-net customers are the only ones worth having. iiNet has to get more of them through organic growth if it is to reduce its costs per customer.


Telstra's Results Are Too Good

Telstra's annual results revealed a company that's still claiming a disproportionate share of the telecommunications market. 



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Can being environmentally responsible really be a cost-saving measure? Advocates often say that it can be, yet many businesses have failed to embrace it despite increasing power prices. On 12 September I host this webinar with two special guests: who will talk to two special guests: associate professor Alemayehu Molla from RMIT University's Green IT Observatory, and Graeme Philipson, technology writer and founder of Connection Research.

Start IT Up: Get Listed

In this new video series ZDNet Australia looks to Australian entrepreneurs to hear about their technology-based business ideas. WQe kick off with Bosco Tan, co-founder and CEO at This new venture works on the principle that recruiters will find the best person for a job by leveraging their own online network.
  • Prince Philip has been in hospital with a bladder infection but was discharged yesterday. A spokesperson said discharges are common at his age.
  • Bob Katter's party faces a damaging split. It apparently occurred at his temporoparietal junction.
  • Tobacco companies say plain packaging will move cigarette sales underground. That means they'll continue to sell well in Coober Pedy and at certain stations on the Cityrail network.
  • Telstra has cut lots of call centre jobs claiming the phone bill was just too expensive.

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Debunking Economics

Through my business The Multimedia Content Shop I have been working hard on the launch of a new website - It's a pay site explaining the work of Prof Steve Keen, who challenges the logic of conventional economics. The media rich site includes videos, podcasts, webinars, lectures and more.
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