by Sheba The Mississippi Queen
Sheba The Mississippi Queen is the real deal BLUES DIVA with a legendary vocal style and authentic songwriting.
Release Date: 11.1.17
#Blues /  #R&B
UPC: 708744975171
Label: Bongo Boy Records

"A Real Good Woman" is the story told by Blues singer and songwriter Sheba The Mississippi Queen. Born in 1953, her life began in the cotton fields of Mississippi; this 13-track album takes the listeners on a journey from there and then to her current life as a performing and recording artist and spiritual teacher. 
Sheba's rich story telling lyrics covers black history and culture in the South, her life onstage and in the studio singing the blues, and her time in Atlanta
and New York City as a "working girl." 

When you hear Sheba's voice, you hear the influences of Billy Holiday, Etta James, Tina Turner, Aretha, and Big Mama Thornton. She can go from Good Morning Heartache to Tell Mama, Proud Mary, Respect or a little Hound Dog.
The music off her CD, "A Real Good Women," takes you back to the times of sawdust on the floor, where you bump and grind all night long. Drawing from her life experience from hurt and pain, she wrote all the songs on the CD. If you like it fast and hot she will hit you with Dance Jump and Shout, Hey Girlfriend, or Ms Good-n-Plenty. If you like it nice and slow, she can do some Good Good Loving and Big Man. When the night is over, you will know that you have been entertained by one of the best that Florida and Mississippi has to offer.

MUSICIANS on the album
 George "Chocolate" Perry Strings, Bass, Drums, Horns
Michael "The Dog" Gauthier Keyboard, Strings, Horns
Warren "Roach" Thompson - Guitar
Chuck Juntzman - Slide Guitar

"'A Real Good Woman,' the story of the birth of the blues in the heart and soul of a real good woman."   -Rev. Prentiss John Davis, Unity of Ocala 

"Raw, honest, heart-breaking. Here is an open and honest account of the struggles of an African-American woman and what she went through to escape the cotton fields of Sunflower, Mississippi in the '60s to become the spiritual woman she is today." 
- Shirley Long, Unity of Ocala, Administrative Assistant to Senior Minister

what is the bottom line: The bottom line is this. Sheba has had an arduous life. She also has an incredible voice which she uses to sing about events and emotions she has felt at different points of her life. Fortunately, she has found a group of musicians with whom she blends. Each of the players on this album is very good. This comes across as a very cohesive unit of highly talented people who make very powerful music. 
This album is more than worth the purchase price.

I give Sheba's album A Real Good Woman 5 out of 5 scowls on the Grouch scale.  - The Grouch
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