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March, 2019
Welcome to our Initial Newsletter for Conscious Creators

We hope to ignite your life with classes, workshops, and gatherings to engage your body, mind, heart, and soul. Enjoy curated resources to simplify your path, and articles to stir your intrigue as you commune with others of like mind and heart.

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Thanks to All for a Rewarding Town Hall Gathering!

Here is a link to the power point presentation we used for the Town Hall. If you have any thoughts, questions, or desires to add let us know!
Contact: janetd@personalgrowthnetwork.org

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Inspiration Corner
You are naturally biased to be negative. Here's how to change.
~ James Hewitt

Why is that it's so easy to believe the negative and challenging to be more positive? Here's an excellent article with an important teaching to pull our minds back into the framework that fosters growth.

"You need the negative bias to survive, but the positive one to thrive."
~ Dr. Richard Boyatzis
What is the Best Way to Plan for Success?
~ Kevin Rathbun

This is a summary of recent
research studies which focus on a planning technique called “implementation intentions.”

The technique involves crafting “if-then” statements to help you seize opportunities and surmount obstacles on the way to your goal. It’s been shown to reduce distractions and increase the likelihood of success.
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