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Burton BARK 800 Autorefractor/Keratometer
 The Burton Bark 800 instantly reports the patient's assessed eye power by combining the Auto Refractor/Keratometer functions into this one sharp instrument, making measurement a snap. This determines the refractive and keratometric properties of the human eye to assist eye care professionals in the process of prescribing corrective eyeglasses and contact lenses. 

Since 1947, Burton has been providing high quality Ophthalmic equipment to practices both large and small across the world. Vision Systems Inc. is proud to offer the Burton BARK 800 Autorefractor/Keratometer and other  new Burton products and bundles at extraordinary prices.
Burton BARK 800 Autorefractor/Keratometer 
Burton BARK 800 Autorefractor/Keratometer
Huvitz HRK 7000A Wavefront Autorefractor/Keratometer

The Huvitz HRK 7000A Wavefront Autorefractor/Keratometer is the newest generation instrument from Huvitz. This model combines the features of an auto refractor, auto keratometer and an aberrometer into one convenient-to-use instrument.

The HRK 7000A is based on the Hartmann-Shack principle and focuses on measuring second-order aberrations, which result in myopia or hyperopia and regular astigmatism. Because correcting second-order aberrations has the highest impact on acuity.

Wavefront Maps:
The HRK 7000 leads to better understanding for patients' eye conditions since it graphically shows the second-order aberrations including myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.

Residual Astigmatism:
The HRK 7000 measures the refractive error of the total eye, corneal astigmatism and calculates Residual astigmatism.

Peripheral Keratometry: The HRK- 7000 is capable of providing five directional keratometry readings, one central and four peripheral.

Visionix L80 Autorefractor Keratometer, Topographer, Wave Front Aberrometer

Determines corrective prescription for a patient with imperfect vision. Measurement cornea curvature detects astigmatism.

Corneal Topographer:
Maps eye surface to evaluate the cornea prior to treatment and refractive vision correction.

Wave Front Aberrometer:
Maps eye wave front distortion due to inherent physical properties of the eye.

* High precision refractometry
* Central and peripheral keratometry
* Topography up to 100 000 points
* High density aberrometry up to 1500 points
* Measurement through pupils of small diameters (2mm)
* Measurement of potential accommodation
* Simulation of Visual acuity.

The Visionix L80 "Wavefront" technology allows more precise refractometry; thus setting up a better starting point for refraction.

Measurement Mode is set to the standard configuration. Six measurements option are available using L80 device in seven measurement configurations.

Topcon KR8000 & KR8800 Autorefractor/Keratometer
The innovative design of the Topcon KR8000 ARK enables accurate, reliable refraction and keratometric measurements within a pupil dilation as narrow as 2.0mm. This means easier and more precise diagnostic results when dealing with glaucoma, asymmetric pupils, or elderly patients.
Totally reliable and highly accurate with Topcon's Rotary Prism Measuring System. The advanced rotary prism principle is able to obtain highly reliable data. The off-centered ring target is able to measure areas previously occluded by a small pupil. The prism angle enables a much wider fundus area to be measured. Accordingly, the measurement image provides extremely reliable data. 

* Fast and accurate refraction readings.
* Rotary Prism measurement for enhanced accuracy.
* 2.0mm minimum pupil diameter.
* Simultaneous display of binocular readings.
* Scenic fixation chart.
* USB connection for fast data transfer.
* Auto fire mode for fast reliable data collection.

The Topcon KR8800 features fast, easy and accurate measurements, a 20% wider measurement range, a color LCD screen, and a 2.0mm minimum pupil diameter.
More on the Topcon KR8000 and KR8800
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