New and Renovated Schools to
Welcome Students in 2017-18
Miami-Dade County Public Schools students, staff, and community stakeholders will see more than a dozen new facilities throughout the 2017-2018 school year, made possible by the General Obligation Bond (GOB).

Voters overwhelmingly approved the GOB in 2012 to renovate, remodel and replace schools; expand student capacity; enhance safety and provide technology upgrades.
Bunche Park Elementary School - The Bunche Park project includes a brand new $10.2 million, 388 student-station facility with classroom technology throughout. The new facility includes Pre-K through Intermediate classrooms, an Exceptional Student Education (ESE) classroom wing, art and music labs, a media center, kitchen/dining areas, administrative offices, P.E. covered area, basketball courts, a primary play area and other supporting spaces.
Frederick Douglass Elementary School - This project includes a brand new $9.7 million, 280 student-station facility with classroom technology throughout.  The new facility includes Pre-K through Intermediate classrooms, art and music labs, a media center, kitchen/dining areas, administrative offices, P.E. covered area, basketball courts, primary play area and other supporting spaces.
Dr. Toni Bilbao Preparatory Academy - The $15.1 million project opened the first day of school. This first phase provides for the Pre-K component of a proposed K-8 and includes a 59,000 square foot two-story facility housing 750 Pre-K through 5th grade student stations; administrative offices; extended learning areas; language arts, art, and music labs; resource rooms; a media center; kitchen/dining areas; playground and play court areas as well as drop-off areas and parking.
West Lakes Preparatory Academy - This phased project entails conversion of the former Miami MacArthur North Senior High School to a PK-8 facility.  The first two phases have been completed and were ready for students on the opening day of school. At complete build-out, this facility is anticipated to house up to 1200 PK-8 students.  Total project allocation for all phases is approximately $18 million.
Madie Ives K-8 Center - This $17.3 million PK-8 conversion project of the former elementary school includes a combination of new buildings to accommodate the upper grades as well as renovation of the remaining eight buildings, new classroom technology throughout, playground and play court improvements, drop-off and parking and other ancillary improvements.   The new building and support spaces are ready for the opening day of schools.
West Homestead K-8 Center - The $10.27 million dollar project achieves the conversion of the former elementary school to a K-8 through a combination of new buildings, selective building demolition, and renovation of the remaining spaces. The new addition will house 264 upper academy students in grades 6-8 (approximately 23,000 Gross Square Feet) and includes general purpose classrooms, science classrooms, skills development labs, an art patio and a dining patio.  Additionally K-8 P.E. spaces are being provided along with administration and related support spaces, and new classroom technology throughout.  The City of Homestead Community Redevelopment Agency contributed $775,000.
Shenandoah Middle School - This $7.2 million project consists of renovations to Shenandoah Middle School, which includes window and door replacements, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) improvements, site and play court improvements, covered walkway improvements, fire alarm system and security camera enhancements, electrical upgrades, flooring and ceiling renovations, exterior painting and new classroom technology throughout.
Miami Sunset Senior High School - The $6.9 million investment at Miami Sunset includes a new P.E. track and field improvements; new Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) studio; HVAC improvements; interior wall, ceiling, lighting and flooring improvements; roofing; restroom and plumbing renovations; selective exterior and interior door replacement; security system enhancements; portable removal and site restoration; exterior paint and new classroom technology.
MAST Academy @Homestead - This phased project culminated with the renovation and remodeling of the school's third floor.  Overall, the $3 million improvement project included classroom technology throughout, six new classrooms, a science lab, core student area, new staff restrooms and miscellaneous improvements throughout to accommodate the medical iPrep program.
Norland Elementary School - This $2.9 million project at Norland Elementary includes a new classroom building, new P.E. shelter and covered walkaway, site improvements, portable removal and site restoration and renovation of the existing facility consisting of restrooms renovations, selective flooring replacement, ceiling improvements, window replacement where needed, exterior paint and new classroom technology.   
Coral Terrace Elementary School - The $2.46 million renovation project at Coral Terrace includes window replacement, HVAC improvements, a new playground, exterior painting and new classroom technology throughout.
Southside Elementary School - This historic restoration includes interior and exterior improvements of classrooms and group restrooms in Building 1 as well as the installation of a new playground surface and new classroom technology.   
The District-established Small/Micro Business Enterprise (S/MBE) utilization goals were met or exceeded by the architects and contractors on the projects, with highly diverse sub-consultant and sub-contractor teams. This was further strengthened by a strong commitment to Local Workforce Utilization.
Continued fidelity to the implementation of the GOB program and the District's steady commitment to inclusiveness and diversity in its procurement process are positively impacting the quality of the educational environment and the local economy.
Delio G. Diaz
Executive Director
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