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The holiday season is once again here. From all of us at Vescent to all of the scientific community and beyond, we wish you great cheer, happiness, and excellent health. As 2018 winds down, we'd like to thank all of you who helped make it a successful year.

We also want to share some exciting news about activities and new products at Vescent Photonics.
Phase Noise Measurement of D2-135 Controlled Offset Phase Lock

The Vescent  D2-135 Offset Phase Lock Servo can be used to create a phase lock between a master laser and a slave laser with a user-controlled frequency offset in the range of 250 MHz to >9.5 GHz . We quantified the lock performance by measuring the phase noise between master and slave for a phase lock between two D2-100-DBR  lasers. 

See the full application note here

Other application notes for Vescent products can be found here.

 for laser gain media, non-linear crystals, PICs, and other crucial components is now available from our new SLICE-QT Four-channel Temperature Controller. 40 W of user-assignable regulation power controlled via a touch screen, GUI, or serial commands makes temperature control a snap - especially with SLICE's interlocking capabilities.

Soon the SLICE family will grow as we add powerful new lab instruments!

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Versatile Frequency Combs

Frequency combs designed, developed, and built to your demanding performance and footprint requirements. Precise control and monitoring capabilities over all key parameters including wavelength, ƒCEO, and ƒrep. Repetition rate matching for dual combs.

Learn more about Vescent frequency combs
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