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by Melody Howard Ritt

Growing up in Canada, Lindsay Eminger, MD, dreamed of becoming a family practitioner 
like most of the doctors in her area. But when the Kitchener, Ontario, native began delving more deeply into her career, she found herself drawn to the practice of clinical dermato-
logy with its objective nature and reliance on visual assessment.


The Board certified dermatologist and dermatopathologist, who joined SSDP in the fall, is getting lots of chances to utilize her parallel interests within the practice's clinical environment. Examining patients' skin, diagnosing their conditions and confirming the diagnoses under the microscope offer Eminger the chance to draw on both disciplines for her patients' benefit.


"With training in dermatopathology and dermatology, you get a great clinical-pathological correlation because what you see clinically, you see under the microscope and you're able to correlate the two," she explains. "If you know what something looked like on the skin, it can help provide the best histologic diagnosis and guide the best patient care."


Eminger brings a meteoric record of achievement to the SSDP practice. A Summa Cum Laude graduate of Georgetown University School of Medicine, she received the George M. Kober Award for highest grade point average in her graduating class. After a 12-month, internal medicine internship at Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia, during which she was named Intern of the Year, a three-year Dermatology residency followed at Cooper University Hospital in New Jersey, where she served as chief resident. At Geisinger Medical Center in Pennsylvania, she completed a fellowship in dermatopathology. An energetic researcher and writer, Eminger also has served as lead author on several scientific journal articles and dermatology textbook chapters.



"With training in dermatopathology and dermatology, you get a great clinical-pathological correlation because what you see clinically, you see under the microscope and you're able to correlate the two."


Board certified dermatologist and dermatopathologist Lindsay Eminger, MD



Eminger's arrival at SSDP occurred at nearly the same time as the practice's launch of its new electronic medical record (EMR) system. Undergoing the sometimes difficult transition from paper to paperless records has been a challenge, but Eminger prefers to focus on the long term benefits.


"Transitioning to EMR will enhance communication between providers," she observes, noting that during her fellowship training, EMR made it easier to send notes to other physicians and coordinate patient care. "I think it will be good for streamlining care and helping with patient communication and documentation." Not surprisingly, Eminger hopes to see the new system eventually integrate with the practice's pathology services.


Working at SSDP has allowed Eminger to sample life as a New Englander for the first time. She is enjoying the experience and notes that Massachusetts is, "still not as cold as Canada." Exploring Boston, Providence and Cape Cod, hanging out with family and friends, and pursuing her interests in yoga, sketching and visual arts all rank high on her list of things to do.


As she settles into working with the physicians, staff and patients at SSDP and providing high quality medical and surgical dermatological care as an SSDP associate physician, Eminger's career objectives are never far from her mind.


"I think my personal goal in medicine is to provide my patients with compassionate care, an accurate diagnosis and a treatment regimen that aids in improving their health," she relates.