Summer at 36 Lacrosse!
We are excited about the new classes being offered at 36 Lacrosse! We have refined some of the sessions so players can attend classes that fit their exact needs!

Also, we have some new trainers joining us this summer - check them out below!
New Class Offerings

Dodging, Shooting & Scoring – This class focuses on offensive concepts and techniques involving stick skills, shooting, finishing & dodging. The class will be a mixture of form/technique work as well as live shooting/scoring drills to help players learn how to execute offensive skills at game speed!

Defensive Techniques – This class will be a mixture of stickwork drills (passing/catching/dodging) and positional techniques focused on body positioning, stick checks, 1on1 defending, sliding/recovery, footwork and communication!

3on3 Lacrosse – this session is a live pickup game of 3 on 3 lacrosse. This has been a staple of our Team36 program for the past 3 years and now we are offering it as a full class opportunity this summer. Players will be split into teams by “picking sticks” and playing 3on3 lacrosse with “Box” goals (4’v4’). We use soft foam lacrosse balls to avoid injury. This is a skill development class so there is no body checking allowed.

New Trainers
Jeremy Goltz - Prior Lake High School/Stevenson University '17 - Midfield
Jack Rinzel - Holy Family High School/Stevenson University '20 - LSM
Avery Deacon - St. Anthony High School/Augsburg University '21 - Defense

To see the summer schedule and register for classes, click below: 
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