February 8, 2019
New clinic available - Mesa Behavioral Health Specialty Clinic

Applicable to: Mercy Care RBHA                          
Mercy Care has expanded its network of care with a new clinic to serve members with a serious mental illness (SMI) determination as of February 1, 2019. Maricopa Integrated Health System (MIHS), which has a long history of providing behavioral health services in Maricopa County, will operate the clinic.
Mesa Behavioral Health Specialty Clinic (MBHSC) is located at 59 S. Hibbert, Mesa, AZ 85210. It’s located at the west entrance on Hibbert of the MIHS Mesa Family Health Center. You can reach the clinic at 480-344-6270 or by fax at 480-344-6271.
The clinic serves adults (18 and over) who are Mercy Care members with an SMI designation experiencing depression, anxiety, mania or psychosis. MBHSC is a place for people who want to recover from symptoms of mental illness and get help to achieve their life goals for school, work, family and relationships.
Clinic services include recovery education, health promotion, employment services, peer support, medication management, family support and education, housing support, skills training and case management. Clinic staff includes a clinical coordinator, psychiatrist, nurse, medical assistant, team specialists, supported education and employment specialist (rehabilitation specialist), peer support specialist, program assistant and registrar. The team will offer supportive and connective level of care.
The MBHSC provides a comprehensive array of recovery-oriented services, depending on the person’s needs. It uses a team approach and offers services in a variety of settings, including in their clinic and in the community, depending on member choice. The MBHSC team also works closely with medical providers to ensure that the whole health of the person is considered in treatment.

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