Are you new to the Park Hill Golf Course area planning process?

Park Hill Golf Course Area Plan
July 2022
Park Hill Golf Club
Learn more about the city's
Large Development Review (LDR) process
NEW DATE: Meeting has been rescheduled to September 7
The city’s large development review (LDR) process is required for any property over five acres in size or that has the potential for significant external impacts. The LDR process was established by city ordinance in 2019 to ensure large properties have clear direction at the earliest stage of project planning on how they are expected to meet priorities important to Denver’s neighborhoods, including providing infrastructure improvements, parks and open space, and quality design for the neighborhood. The Park Hill Golf Course property owner, Westside Investment Partners, began LDR in December 2021.

The city is committed to ensuring that the future of the Park Hill Golf Course meets residents’ priorities and will align the LDR process with the coordinated park and area planning work. 

Attend an upcoming Community Information Meeting

As part of LDR, the city requires the property owner to host a community information meeting to discuss their plans with the community, to take feedback, and to answer questions.

Community Information Meeting
5:30 p.m. on September 7, 2022
Note: This is a new date, rescheduled from August 4
Park Hill Clubhouse
Hosted by Westside Investment Partners

Nearby neighbors will also be notified by mail in line with the public notice requirements that apply to all community information meetings hosted as part of an LDR process.

Westside's initial LDR application is available to view online at Once in the e-permits system, search for record number 2021-LDR-0000015. Please note that this is not a development permit application. The outcome of LDR is a framework that identifies the required next steps and regulations that apply to the property, which would include ensuring that any future development applications are consistent with the community-led planning guidance currently in progress. Westside's LDR application is intended to help community members understand how the property owner is considering the public input received to date during the visioning and community planning process.

LDR is a required process defined in Article 12 of the Denver Zoning Code.
Thank you for taking part in the open house! Here's what's coming soon
Draft area plan will reflect strengthened draft recommendations for the future of the
Park Hill Golf Course
The draft recommendations began with the vision that hundreds of community members contributed to in 2021 and were crafted through work done in 2022 with the community steering committee, community navigators, and the public. City staff are now reviewing the most recent public feedback from the June open house and are working on updates informed by that input that remain consistent with the shared priorities identified during the 2021 visioning process.

Thank you to all the community members who took the time to participate in the in-person and the online open house to weigh in on the draft recommendations. The city's next steps will include sharing:

  • a draft small area plan that reflects strengthened recommendations
  • key themes and takeaways from comments received
  • answers to common questions 
  • continued information on next steps and how to share feedback on the draft small area plan 

The draft recommendations, which are the foundation of the draft small area plan, remain available to view.
2021 Recap: How we got here
Throughout 2021, area residents weighed in through surveys, at public workshops and events, in small groups and conversations with Community Navigators, on comment forms, and through a Community Steering Committee that met monthly.

Of the approximately 1,300 residents who completed a survey and live within one-mile of the property, 70% favored some development of the site; 22% preferred for the site to be green space only; 8% favored development-oriented uses only, without green space; and only 7% of respondents wanted to see the entire property remain a golf course.

Results were similar across all forms of public input from area residents.
Residents expressed the most support for these eight shared priorities:

  1. Create a new, large park and community gathering places 
  2. Stand up an oversight committee to guide future planning and development 
  3. Preserve and expand the tree canopy to combat urban heat island effects in this area 
  4. Add youth and recreational sports opportunities 
  5. Include a variety of affordable (income-restricted) housing options, including for-sale units 
  6. Address food insecurity by including space for grocery and fresh food choices 
  7. Create space for local businesses and businesses owned by people of color 
  8. Employ strategies to mitigate involuntary displacement 
Ballot Initiative

In the November 2021 election, voters decided how conservation easements can be partially or fully released in Denver. There is a conservation easement on the golf course. Here’s what that vote means for this project:

  • Before Ballot Initiative 301: Any release of the easement had to be approved by City Council.

  • After Ballot Initiative 301: Any release of easement must be approved by City Council and a majority of Denver voters in a municipal election.

  • What that means: The City of Denver can continue to build on its work from 2021 and refine the eight shared priorities into a clear plan so voters can make an informed decision about the golf course in a future election.