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August 31, 2017

Agency-centered Training
CEU Consulting 
4 CEUs and up
  • Quality Management Program
  • Complaint, Incident, Occurrence, Grievance Log
  • Provision of Skilled Care & Services
  • Annual Evaluation

The first portion of the course will be similar to what you're used to: PowerPoint presentation with discussion, sample deficiency lists to illustrate how the surveyors interpret rules and regulations, and 
exercises that demonstrate how the information can be applied in the real world. 

During the second portion, we will review the applicable agency process with you and discuss steps you can take to streamline or improve the particular process.

For example, in the Complaint and Incident Processing course, Jennifer will review the agency's complaint and incident logs with all attendees, pointing out areas of concern, while also coaching attendees on how make improvements in their complaint and incident processing. Think of it as getting a 2 for 1: Mandatory CEUs plus a focused, mini-mock survey!

All hybrid courses are conducted onsite, at the agency's office at a mutually convenient time. Rates vary so please call. In general, 4 hours/CEUs for the first agency attendee: $500
Register today if you would like us to contact you for onsite CEU Consulting!

NEW!  eLearn courses
2 CEUs 

eLearn programs are available 24/7 and completed at the pace set by you, the learner.  eLearn courses offer clear learner progress indicators and unlimited replays of course material.  Resume learning exactly where you left off on your mobile, tablet, laptop or any device.

CDPHE-approved Care about Care Coordination $99
Attendees will learn skills and tools necessary to apply State Licensure Care Coordination rules in daily operations as well as understand why care coordination is necessary, what makes care coordination effective, identification of typical barriers to care coordination in today's care settings and more. The charge is $99 for each person who wishes to receive Certificate of Continuing Education Units.

CDPHE-approved Privacy & Confidentiality $99
Care about HIPAA - 2 CEUs - eLearn Program Workshop Goals: The goal of this workshop is to provide the fundamentals of HIPAA for Home Care Management of all agency types. As Administrators, we have a duty to ensure all workforce members understand their duty to abide by HIPAA rules. When co-workers become careless, the resulting damage affects the entire organization and potentially our own personal reputation as well.



Laura, former CDPHE Surveyor and Case Manager, assisted in developing training for HCBS teams. She also was responsible for completion of initial, recertification and complaint surveys. As such, she trained new surveyors on the HCBS EBD program as well as the IHSS program.  Contact Laura Neill anytime at or (720) 984-7628

Jennifer Windram, RN, BSN worked as a home health surveyor with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) for six years.  She is well versed in both the federal (CMS) regulations and state licensure rules, and has extensive knowledge of the requirements for a successful quality management program. Contact Jen anytime at or (720) 530-0470.

September Course Schedule:   Click here 
Education and training for Administrators, Managers and Alternates of all agency types.  CHCTC is Colorado's 1st CDPHE-approved Administrator Training Program. We offer consulting and education for the Start-up to the Mature organization. 

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