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New ESBF electric cylinder stands up to harsh conditions
IP65 rating & ISO 15552 Standard
A real workhorse - up to 3,000 lbs.
of push force

The electric cylinder ESBF is a
mech­anical linear drive unit with piston
rod. The driving component consists
of an electrically actuated spindle that
converts the rotary motion of the
motor into a linear motion of the piston rod.
Festo motor available, or we can supply the motor mount for your supplier servo
Need help with your cylinder project? Our manufacturing company, EHA can help with integration support.
* The protective bellows kit, EADB is ideal for use in dusty environments. The bellows protects the piston rod, the seal and the bearing from the effects of a wide range of media, which has a positive impact on the service of these components. It is a leak free system. Other contaminants include: chippings, oil, grease & petrol
Complete kit consists of electric cylinder, motor and motor mounting kit
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