Jan. 19, 2022
New electric vehicles launching at WTW22
Electric trucks, chassis, bodies and related equipment are among the new products launching at Work Truck Week 2022, North America’s largest work truck event. New electric vehicles are the focus of many of the 27 press conferences scheduled for Work Truck Week. If you haven't yet, register today and save (advance pricing discounts end Feb. 8, 2022).
Bollinger Motors shifts from consumer to commercial electric trucks
Bollinger Motors is unplugging from the retail EV market, indefinitely “postponing” development of its B1 SUV and B2 pickup models to shift focus to commercial electric trucks.
CARB certifies next-generation propane engine in Blue Bird School buses to lowest NOx in market
ROUSH CleanTech is the first original equipment manufacturer to receive California Air Resources Board's (CARB) 0.02 grams per brake horsepower-hour certification for 2022 model year vehicles. The optional ultra-low CARB certification is 90% cleaner than current emissions standards for nitrogen oxides.
Experience commercial vehicles with the latest advanced technologies, sustainability offerings and alternative fuel applications. Featured vehicles incorporate advancements that promote reduction of fuel use, greenhouse gases or particulate matter. Participation is free and available on a first-come, first-served basis to all WTW22 attendees. No Ride & Drive registration is necessary.
New task force to secure funding opportunities for fleets
In-Charge Energy announced it has launched its Invest in America E-Fleet Task Force, a new business unit specifically designed to find grants and incentives stemming from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal.
Daimler gives an inside look into SuperTruck II development
With the U.S. Department of Energy’s SuperTruck II program now drawing to a close, the industry is anxiously awaiting the results of the five teams’ efforts. Most of the results will be released sometime this year. In the meantime, Daimler Truck North America says the design and engineering work that went into its SuperTruck II project was a special dance of collaboration and creativity.