Scholarship endowment created for visual and performing arts students

A named endowment was recently created to award scholarship grants to visual and performing arts transfer students.

The Brownlee Family established the Emmie Brownlee Scholarship in memory of their daughter, who was fascinated by and immersed in performing arts. The contribution serves as an incredible resource for students facing financial challenges when pursuing their educational dreams.

Pictured above are Michelle Brownlee, Emmie's sister and current faculty member; Amy Edwards, Dean of Library and Liberal Studies; and, Pete Parker, Executive Director of the OC Foundation.


Monthly Giving provides health benefits

Did you know the act of Giving has been scientifically proven to provide health benefits for those who contribute voluntarily and/or financially to their community? Yes - it's true! And every good habit we adopt has a lasting impact on ourselves and our communities.

We’ve learned that there’s a chemical response in your body when you do something nice. As you make your contribution, your act of generosity triggers the following chemicals:

  • Serotonin, which regulates your mood;
  • Dopamine, which provides a sense of pleasure; and,
  • Oxytocin, which inspires a sense of connection.

The positive outcomes on one’s health include:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Less depression
  • Lower stress levels
  • Longer life
  • Greater happiness and satisfaction

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Transfer Scholarship Application Deadline is March 15

Students aspiring to transfer to four year universities have until Wednesday, March 15 to submit scholarship applications.

The OC Foundation presents scholarship grants in three primary categories. Starting with the currently open round of applications for the 2023/2024, we established varying application deadlines.

Transfer Students - March 15

Continuing/Returning Students - May 31

Entering Students - July 3

Apply for OCF Scholarship Grants

Scholarship Reviewer Event

The Foundation is hosting a Scholarship Reviewer Social on March 22 for anyone interested in reviewing scholarship applications and helping select recipients.

The event will begin at 5:00pm in the Oxnard College Performing Arts Conference Center. Food and refreshments will be offered to those in attendance.

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STEM Alumni Association event a major success!

It didn’t take long for the newly formed OC STEM Alumni Association to find success. Thanks to the vision and leadership of Marcella Klein-Williams and Christina Hanna, the Association’s young alumni leaders coordinated an informative and engaging initial event on February 7th.

Several STEM alumni shared their latest successes with students, faculty, campus leaders in attendance at the on-campus event. Students gained first-hand knowledge of what it takes to complete educational journeys and transition into great careers. Alumni were able to brag a bit, while providing valuable mentorship.

The OC STEM Alumni Association leaders are already looking forward to the next event. If you’re interested in getting involved, become a member today. There’s no cost to join, yet the rewards are endless! Details found at


Career Center hosts Job Fair on March 7

The OC Career Center is hosting its annual Spring Job Fair on Tuesday, March 7 from 10:00am-1:00pm in the Oxnard College Quad Area.

In partnership with the City of Oxnard, West Ventura County Business Alliance, and Oxnard College’s Proyecto Exito, the event is open to the entire community. The OC Foundation is proud to sponsor the event, as it provides Oxnard College students and our community’s job seekers the opportunity to meet over 45 organizations seeking new hires. Coffee and pastries will be available, so get there early!

Learn more at the OC Career Center website.

OC LIVE welcomes Hermanos Herrera on March 23

Make plans to attend another incredible OC LIVE event, when Hermanos Herrera takes the stage on March 23.

United by blood and through music, Hermanos Herrera is a musical group consisting of five brothers and their younger sister. The group plays various styles of traditional Mexican music such as Son Huasteco, Son Jarocho, and musica Norteña. They perform with an aggressive and energetic style that is both passionate and exhilarating.

The OC Foundation is proud to sponsor this incredible display of artistry, family, and music covering all genres including Huasteco, Jarocho and Norteno.

Learn more about OC LIVE

Enjoy March Madness with Oxnard College

March Madness has arrived and you're invited to participate in a fun and free contest, presented by the OC Athletic Alumni Association and OC Foundation.

Predict who will win the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship to win OC swag, bragging rights, and recognition at the OCAAA's 2nd Annual Hall of Fame Banquet on May 26.

Sign up and create a bracket before March 16.


Upcoming OC Foundation supported events:

OC Foundation Scholarship Reviewer Social - March 22

OC Live (Hermanos Herrera) - March 23

OC Transfer Student Ceremony - May 5

OC Family Fest - May 7

OC Athletic Alumni Association Hall of Fame Banquet - May 26

Upcoming OC Foundation board meetings:

OC Foundation Finance Committee Meeting - March 6

OC Foundation Executive Committee Meeting - March 13

OC Foundation Full Board Meeting - March 20

Details for these events can be found at:

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