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  • Enhancements to Couple’s Workbook - Spanish
  • Added Option for Paying for Couple's Workbooks
  • Demographic Information - 2 items changed
  • Schedule a Training in your area
  • Coming Soon
  • Paying Your Bill via Credit Card
Enhancements to Couple’s Workbook - Spanish
Why the changes?
Last year, we introduced the English enhanced Couple's Workbook. Our skilled translators have completed their work and we now have the new version available in Spanish! As with the English enhancements, there are certain topical areas where we wished to offer information provided by the recent publications: the new Order of Celebrating Matrimony, Pope Francis’ Apostolic Exhortation On Love in the Family Amoris Laetitia and Synods on the Family in 2014 and 2015.

What Sections changed in the Couple’s Workbook?
      Communications: Information on social media along with three reflection questions were added. 
      Catholic Identity: Information with practical tips for praying together as a couple was added. Reflection Questions #1 and #5 were replaced with more poignant questions regarding the importance of prayer in a married couple’s life.
      Intimacy: Updated pornography content was added. Incorporated into this section are references to the U.S. Bishop’s new document, Create in Me a Clean Heart. A sub-question was also added to reflection question #5.
      Infertility and Adoption: Text was updated and information added to expand this topical area. A Reflection Question was added referring to how the couple would deal with a distressing pre-natal diagnosis.
      Catholic Parenting: Information about what a parent’s role is in living out their baptismal call and their responsibility to their children as they are baptized as well as two new reflection questions were added.
      Marriage as a Sacrament: Text was revised to reflect the changes in the new Order of Celebrating Matrimony.
What changed in the Facilitator’s Guide?
Changes in the Couple’s Workbook have resulted in changes in the Facilitator’s Guide. References to paragraphs in the Couple’s Workbook were changed to correspond with the workbook. Reflection Questions were changed as needed. References to the Order of Celebrating Matrimony were implemented as well as quotes from Amoris Laetitia were added .

Are new Facilitator’ Guide Pages available? 
Yes.  Updated pages are available for $10 plus shipping for insertion into existing manuals. Contact Jill at or (320) 258-7611 to order.

Can I continue to use the “old” Facilitator Guide pages?
Yes. Note, however, page number references to the Couple’s Workbook have changed and the additional text and reflection questions are not contained in the 2011 edition pages.
Added Option for Paying for Couple's Workbooks
Previously, we had two options for parishes to obtain Couple's Workbooks. If the Parish paid, the Parish purchaed the workbooks to distribute. If the couple paid, we would send out the workbooks.

We are now offering a third option. If the Parish chooses to pay for the Couple's Workbooks, they can now also choose to have Fully Engaged send the workbooks to the couple. The cost is $5 more to cover postage and handling. Since some parishes have indicated they do not wish to stock the workbooks, we have added this option.

To change your option, go to your parish profile, and make your desired selection, or call us and we would be happy to assist you.
Demographic Information - 2 items changed
On the demographic information section, 2 items have changed.
  1. If no wedding date is set, you will now get a hover notice that you can input 00-00-0000. If the date has been set, continue to input the date.
  2. For the question, "How many months have you been dating?" the couple will be able to answer in months and years.
New answer sheets are available. Either click here or go to this link:
Schedule a Training in your area
September to November 2018 or January to April 2019
Chris & Rich Codden will be traveling in semi-retirement and may be in your area in the near future. If you would like to schedule a training, please contact us. The plans are set for September to November, the East Coast, with January to April 2019 going to the South and Southwest.
Coming Soon
Fully Engaged Available through Catholic Marriage Prep
In the next few months, Catholic Marriage Prep, the premium on-line Catholic marriage preparation course, will offer Fully Engaged as an option. Please stay tuned for further developments.
New Supplement on the Sacraments
We are currently working on our third supplement, "Living out the Sacraments." The focus will be a more in depth look at the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Marriage. Included in the new supplement will be how to go to confession, an examination of conscience, why should we join a parish and how do you do it, and how does the intentions and vows pertain to our everyday married life. Completion for this project is schedule for early Fall 2018.
Paying Your Bill via Credit Card
When you click the button, it will take you to a payment portal. Once your payment is submitted, a confirmation email will be sent to the Billing Contact in your Parish Profile and the invoice status within Fully Engaged will update to ( Payment Processing). Once the payment is reconciled by our Billing Department, the status of the invoice will update.
If at any time you need assistance, please email Janet at or and someone from Fully Engaged will respond as soon as possible.