WORD Fellowship Ministries

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your faith in the Lord God, our Father.
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Just so you know - You may submit your prayer requests to be included in our weekly Intercessory Prayer sessions. (You only need to be as detailed as necessary for us to hit the enemies targets.)
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Blessings to you, in Jesus' Name. Amen
How we share:
~ At HIS Table
Video emails with messages presenting what is on our heavenly Father's heart for us

~ YouTube Channel -
Tedi Marshall - An additional way to view video messages - current and archived

~ Website
Provides information about WORD Fellowship Ministries and what we do; Archive Pages of the e-newsletters; opportunity to sow (give) into this ministry, and submit testimonies, prayer requests, questions, comments and suggestions

~ The Praise Break Report
E-newsletter highlighting the Father's faithfulness and the many creative ways He loves and cares for us