NFP Newsletter_ Summer 2019
This is the second quarterly NFP ministry newsletter meant to limit the quantity of communications going out to NFP teachers and ministry supporters. I will try to get this out in the week or so ahead of each coming new season. In this newsletter, I hope to include communications regarding the reporting of NFP data, share articles on innovations in NFP science and ministry as well as other professional development opportunities as called for by the USCCB, promote events, share celebrations, etc.

If you missed the previous newsletter, you can find an archive at the website (See section below).
New Updates to
Two new pages were added to the website under the "Learn" tab, these pages are "For Educators" and "For NFP Providers."

For Educators: Because the NFP steering committee identified and prioritized working with Catholic schools to help facilitate and improve access to Theology of the Body education as a component of schools' theology, health and/or science curricula, a "For educators" page was added.

For NFP providers: A page was added for NFP providers which houses resources, provides information for those seeking to become certified to teach an NFP method, as well as archives past newsletters. If many of you find this page useful and visit it periodically, it could have the added effect of helping the page to appear more often in search results due to increased site traffic.
Can you help us?
We are in continual need of presenters for Part II of A Marriage in the Lord, the diocesan marriage preparation program. Part II focuses on NFP and children and so, it is helpful to have the experience and expertise of certified NFP teachers. This is a 2 hour evening commitment.

Consider the benefits:
-Flexible scheduling
-Flexible location
-Stipend from the diocese
-Meet potential future clients
Ongoing Formation Opportunity
These two upcoming opportunities to learn more about Theology of the Body fit well with our current goals of facilitating TOB education in our Catholic schools by supporting the theology, health and/or science curricula as a guest speaker. Those of you who have expressed interest in serving in this capacity may wish to attend. I just learned of both of these in the past week or so, and so, my apologies for the short notice.
The Families and Schools of Discipleship Mission Team is offering a Foundational Catechetical Certification (FCC) course on Theology of the Body taught by renowned speaker Kristin Bird.

Date: June 10- 14
Time: 10:30-12:30
Location: Diocesan Campus, Green Bay

Registration Closes June 3.
Sophia Institute is coming in June for a workshop for teachers and catechists to help them incorporate the teachings of JP II's Theology of the Body into their curricula.

This is a FREE one-day class.
Tuesday June 11 9AM-2PM
Diocesan Campus, Green Bay

*Please note also that Sophia Institute will be back on Oct. 3rd for an event at the Green Bay Distillery. I will have info in the fall newsletter.

Food For Thought....
Take-aways from the Cycle Power Summit:

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