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"Greetings, fellow Scarborough residents.

SCRO will be hosting a debate among the leading mayoral candidates. We are working together with the

Scarborough Business Association and the recently formed Scarborough United Neighbourhoods on this

important Scarborough-focused initiative."

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Hi folks! The transition from winter to spring always feels like a time for new beginnings and this is

certainly true here at your Toronto Zoo. The grizzlies wake from a long winter slumber, the warm

weather animals in our African Savanna start spending more time outside, and our horticulture team

can finally trade in their snow shovels for gardening gloves. With that in mind, here are some Toronto

Zoo updates as we head into Spring!

Scarborough Civic Action Network (SCAN) is a non-partisan, community-driven network that aims to support civic engagement to address inequities and mobilize a civic voice for Scarborough. As we enter 2022 and face a new wave of infections and restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic, advocating for priority equity issues like affordable housing, public transit, community safety, and vaccine rollout, have never been more important.

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"Canada saw a new all-time population growth record in 2022, when it recorded an increase of 1,050,110 people living in the country. This is equivalent to the entire city populations of Edmonton or Ottawa."

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"Home ownership is, for most people, the largest and possibly, the most consequential investment you will posses. I was in my mid twenties when I purchased my first home. That is generally not what today’s younger people are finding possible as average home prices continue to move beyond their reach. However, the affordable housing shortage does not only affect first time buyers. "

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"Included in the 2023 federal budget is a one-time payment for middle- and low-income families designed to offset rising food costs that the government is calling the Grocery Rebate. "

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Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland dropped the Liberal government's fiscal budget for 2023, and it includes several initiatives that aim to "make life more affordable" for Canadians.

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Summer of 2023 is predicted to be a hot one!

"The official start of summer in Canada is on Wednesday, June 21, 2023, but who's to say that the warm weather will wait until then to spread summer-like weather conditions throughout the country?" reads the long-range weather outlook.

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"If you work from home, you need to read this!"

"Whether you commute to your employer's office daily, log in from a remote location every morning, or have some sort of flexible arrangement in place, Ontario's provincial government wants every worker to be equally protected in the case of mass layoffs."

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The federal government has announced its 2023-2024 fiscal year budget, including a brand-new dental care plan for Canada.

"We will begin rolling out a dental care plan that will eventually cover up to 9 million uninsured Canadians," Chrystia Freeland said in a press conference on Tuesday.

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"Ontario has reached a funding agreement with optometrists that increases some payments to them, but reduces some coverage for patients, including less frequent general eye exams for seniors."

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"Reusable water bottles have just been recalled in Canada because of the presence of lead, which is "highly toxic."

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"Where does Toronto get its water from?"

"The R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant may be one of four city plants providing clean water to Toronto, but it is undoubtedly the largest and most prized of them all. "

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Cherry blossoms in Toronto aren't confined to High Park. In fact, there are collections of sakura spread all over the city as well as Mississauga. Those looking to avoid the gong show that is a peak-bloom visit to Grenadier Pond can head to any of these spots for a more peaceful version of this spring ritual.

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Often described as a geological wonder, the Bluffs were formed by an accumulation of sediment over 12,000 years ago, one which later contributed to the formation of the peninsula that would become the Toronto Islands.

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"You'd be hard-pressed to find anyone in Toronto who doesn't adore Jamaican patties (and also has strong opinions about where the best ones in town can be found)."

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Scarborough made me who I am today. I love it. Why don't you?

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Sarah Polley wins Oscar

The acclaimed writer and director was competing in the highly contested category for Best Adapted Screenplay against films Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, Living, Top Gun: Maverick and All Quiet on the Western Front.

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Toronto to host even more 2026 FIFA World Cup Matches

Soccer fans across the globe are thrilled today to be learning that FIFA has approved an expanded competition format for the 2026 Men's World Cup — a move that will not only significantly increase the number of total matches played, but should equate to even higher economic gains for host cities like Toronto.

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Calling all of Toronto’s Sailor Moon fans — your favourite Sailor Senshi will be brought to life with a Sailor Moon-themed maid cafe at Oishiii Sweets this April!

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Johnny's Shawarma has been a source for all things shawarma, including mixed plates, wraps and poutine, since 1995.

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Mark's Pizzas is a small pizza operation named for head pizza maker Mark Alousis, who started out crafting pies at home for neighbours as a hobby, using only a typical oven and pizza stone.

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