Summer 2018
Nathaniel enjoyed a day with his family at Michigan's Adventure thanks to Highfields' new Making Memories Program.
In This Issue:

  • Dontrell shares his story in his own words
  • Learn about Highfields' new Making Memories Program
  • Read about our efforts to transform campus to reflect trauma-informed design

"Being away from home is traumatizing in itself. If we can make our campus feel more like a home, it can reduce some of those triggers, and help students be more open to receive treatment.”

Chris Robinson, Residential Director
Dontrell re-focused his priorities at Highfields
Thanks to supportive staff and opportunities at Highfields, Dontrell is making positive changes.
“My dad has spent most of my life in prison. When I was 10 years old, I began to let negative influences take a hold of me. I was getting into shootouts and robbing people and not thinking about the consequences of my actions..."
Dontrell tells his side of the story.
New Making Memories Program
Thanks to a grant from the Lansing Exchange Youth Foundation, residential students and their families spent a day having fun and making memories together!
What does a day at the amusement park have to do with the treatment of troubled youth?
Perhaps you’ve heard the saying: families that play together stay together. There is research behind that statement. 
RaeShaun and his family had fun together at Michigan's Adventure.
Trauma-Informed Campus
New upgrades throughout Highfields’ campus will benefit students.
The majority of Highfields residential students have been victims of trauma. It affects how they respond to situations and their willingness to receive treatment.
Highfields’ residential staff is trained to understand trauma responses. They learn what trauma is, what it does to the body, what responses look like, and how to deal with kids who have experienced trauma.
Thanks to the Dart Foundation, our kitchen and dining hall have been upgraded and re-designed to feel more like home.
For more information or to make a referral, please contact:

Brian Philson, President and CEO of Highfields
517.628.2287 x371

Chris Robinson, Residential Director
517.628.2287 x344

Julie Duffey, Intake Coordinator
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