Dear friends,
While this year's legislative session isn't quite over, there is exciting news for our state with the passing of favorable tax policy for data center attraction, which was included in the overall tax package recently signed into law by Governor Scott. We're already hearing that this tax policy makes Florida the most competitive state in the country for data center attraction as we join 31 other states that offer tax incentives to data centers. This new tax policy, combined with Florida's proximity to international markets, the most submarine fiber landing points in the Southeast, low electric rates with the ability to negotiate rates even lower with our Commercial Industrial Service Rider (CISR), means Florida now has a comprehensive toolkit for data center attraction.
Our state's new data center tax policy is among the most generous in the nation - just four states currently apply such exemptions for electricity. The new tax policy requires data centers to make a minimum capital investment of $150 million and have a critical IT load of 15 megawatts or more. And while data centers tend to create fewer jobs than traditional business attraction projects, they can make significant contributions to the state and local tax base, create secondary services jobs and promote Florida as a technology destination. We will soon have information on how data centers can apply for the tax exemptions. And look for a webinar this Fall designed to help you leverage Florida's advantage in attracting this sector to your community.
FPL has focused on data center attraction for a number of years and that's why we are hosting our 3rd annual After-Dinner Reception at 7x24 Exchange, the leading knowledge exchange for Data Center, IT and Mission Critical professionals. This event will serve as an announcement of Florida's new favorable tax policy to the data center industry. If you wish to attend to promote your community to data center end users, please register and RSVP no later than June 9.
In other exciting news, FPL's Office of Economic Development is expanding with the addition of Senior Project Manager, Brandon Carson. Brandon brings a wealth of economic development experience to our small but mighty team. He has experience in almost every sector of economic development, at local and state level, and most recently as a site selector. Brandon looks forward to working hand-in-hand with your community to attract business projects to Florida.
Thank you all for the efforts you've made to make our state a destination for businesses to grow and thrive. You may know that the Legislature returns to Tallahassee this week for a brief special session to finalize funding for economic development. FEDC issued details of this session last week and asked that each of you call your legislator to encourage them to support the new budget proposal. Additionally, the Governor's office has asked for a show of support in Tallahassee by attending the House Appropriations Committee Meeting scheduled for this Wednesday from 2 - 6 p.m. in Room 212 in the Knott Building. More details are forthcoming from EFI and FEDC, but please save the time on your calendar in case you're able to travel to our state's capital.
Lastly, Florida remains one of the best states in the country to do business. We'll all need to focus on telling that story in the coming months. And, if you have a moment this week, call an Enterprise Florida staffer and thank them for their tremendous dedication to economic development in this state. I am proud of each of them for continuing to move Florida forward these past months. Florida has the best statewide economic development team in the country.
 Best Regards,
Crystal Stiles
Director of FPL's Office of Economic Development 

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TaxFlorida's new tax policy gives state competitive advantage for data centers
Governor Scott recently signed a new tax policy intended to jump-start new large-scale data center development in Florida. It provides exemptions for sales and use tax, infrastructure, equipment, personal property and electricity for data centers that make a minimum capital investment of $150 million and have a critical IT load of 15 megawatts or more. Florida is one of only four states that provide an exemption for electricity. And the data center industry is already taking notice with recent articles in the news:

Data Center Dynamics "Florida introduces generous tax breaks for large data centers"
WhyFloridaJoin us at 7x24 Exchange to promote your community to data center stakeholders
FPL is hosting its 3rd Annual After-Dinner Reception at 7x24 Exchange. The event is Monday, June 12 from 8 to 11 p.m. at the Waldorf Astoria in Orlando. This is a great opportunity to share your community advantages with data center end users.  

Event Location:
Central Park Gardens at the Waldorf Astoria
14200 Bonnet Creek Resort Lane
Orlando, FL 32821

Event time: 8 to 11 p.m.

Get event details and RSVP by June 9
In April  2017, Florida announced more than 50 jobs from competitive projects

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