A newsletter for members of AESA                                                        August 22, 2016

Calling ESA Members: We want to feature you!
6 Innovations in 60 Minutes
A special breakout at the Annual Conference.
Could this one be for you?
The AESA 2016 Conference committee is seeking innovative practices, processes, or services for a specialized breakout entitled "6 Innovations in 60 Minutes". Our purpose is to share 6 Innovations in 60 Minutes on both Thursday and Friday afternoon during the 2016 Annual Conference (for a total 12 innovations). In doing so, our hope is to spread the vast innovation occurring in ESA's across the membership. 
How it will work
The format will allow each presenter to have 10 minutes to present, then move to a designated table to be available after the session for interested participants to further gather information.

Between each presentation, there will be a short 'set-up' time of less than 3 minutes. Each presenter can utilize their 10 minutes however they desire to convey their message. Please, no vendors, ESA's only!

If you are interested in presenting your innovation, send a short description, short video, and/or evidence of success to Mike Cook, conference committee chair at mikecook@essdack.org Thank you!
New Conference FEATURE: ESA Talks!
We've all watched a TEDTalk or two... well, let's have two "ESA Talks"!! Join us Saturday morning for the inaugural session of "ESA Talks", a TEDTalk like presentation from thought leaders from the ESA family. Two ESA thought leaders will be selected and invited to present for 25 minutes. 

If you would like to submit your ESA Talk proposals, please send a brief description or short video to Mike Cook, conference committee chair at mikecook@essdack.org. All proposals are to be submitted no later than October 15, 2016.
Registration now open 
2016 Annual Conference
November 30-December 4
Savannah, Georgia

The Future Depends on Their Future!
AESA's Annual Conference promises to add value to your leadership.

Educator Call To Action Conference
September 27-29
Washington DC

Add your voice to the national conversation. Hear about legislation now on Capitol Hill. Hotel block deadline is August 29!
Nominations are due August 26!

Please nominate your worthy colleague for an AESA national award by submitting the required information, postmarked by August 26, 2016 to: 

John Bass, AESA COO Association of Educational Service Agencies 4031 FM 1463 Rd. Suite 40-282 Katy, TX 77494 Phone: (832) 437-8231 * Email:  jbass@aesa.us

Please consider nominating a colleague today!
Please Welcome a New Business Member
The future is in robotics, and the mission of ROBOTERRA Inc. is to ignite creativity and ingenuity via robotics education! We are partnering with educators and organizations that support educators to inspire and equip kids with the skills to create solutions to improve their lives and the world.

Driverless cars are just the beginning! Robots are expected to continually improve the quality of our lives in health, work, and entertainment. With our ROBOTERRA Origin Kit and CastleRock Online Software, students code C++ (the most useful programming language worldwide) from day one! Our virtual robot technology provides instant feedback on coding and interaction with the robotics kit which reduces debugging time significantly.  Ours is an
educator's dream. We make robotics and coding easily accessible for teachers and students worldwide.

Do you want a sneak peak into the ROBOTERRA revolution? Click the link to learn more about our product: ROBOTERRA PRODUCT OVERVIEW 2016

ROBOTERRA Inc. is an educational robot technology company that incorporates intelligent hardware, curriculum, and a proprietary cloud platform to teach advanced topics of science, math, engineering and design concepts via robotics. Contact Vice President International Derek Capo of ROBOTERRA at  derek.capo@roboterra.com to learn more today!