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Is Your Present Social Media Liability Training Unknowingly Exposing Your Officers' To 1983

Personal Liability And Damaging Your Public Image?

Dangerous Training Gap _2.PNG

The New U.S. Supreme Court's Classification Of

Social Media As A "High Liability" Broadcasting Platform Creates A Dangerous Training Gap For

All Law Enforcement Agencies...

New 1983 Training Standards: Having A Policy Isn't Enough!

  • In a lawsuit, you must prove that your social media policy was enforced with outside expert employee social media liability training.

  • It's negligence to expect your busy in-house attorney to deliver the same specialized social media law training as a 30 year expert like me.

  • Decision makers are personally liable for denying employees urgent specialized training on the new "Free Speech" laws that protects their career.
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Ignorance Gavel Picture.jpg

99% Of Social Media Mistakes Are Caused By Off-Duty Officers Using Their Private Accounts. They Are Unaware

Of The New "Free Speech" Laws And Incorrectly Guess

On What Opinions And Jokes Are Protected Speech.

First Amendment.jpg

My affordable online course closes this dangerous gap with a new "Red Flag" Warning System that gives officers peace of mind that all their posts, tweets, texts, and emails are safe and won't hurt the department's public image.

Need Proof?

All These Departments Had Social Media Policies

And In-House Training; But They Didn't Have

Expert Training On The New "Free Speech" Laws...

Maine Capitol Police Chief Apologizes For Social Media

Posts Deriding Mask Mandates

New Cop Fired

After Posting Snapchat Pic On Personal Account With Racial Caption

Fort Worth Officer Terminated After Posting Racist Meme on Facebook

Course Attendees Always Ask Me...

"Why Didn't We Have These Expert Strategies

In Our In-House Training"...


"In Mark's class, I not only learned what I didn't know, 

but was amazed to find out what I did know was wrong." 

Louis Carnell, Division Chief, Hillsborough County, FL

Unless Your In-House Attorney Is A 30 Year Digital Media Attorney Specialist, Please Don't Shortchange Your Officers By Thinking My Type Of Specialized Training Can Be Done In-House.

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Questions? Call 954-748-7698

"Mark, you course was exceptional, it took fear away from our administration on what to post and what to delete. We feel more comfortable after taking this course and you were always available to answer questions. I suggest that all agencies take this online course.”

Police Chief Dwayne Wheeler

Taylorville, IL

"Great program. Being aware of the hidden liabilities not discussed in other courses saves your public image,

and big legal fees." 


Cindy Reid, Attorney, Davidson, NC

“Mark, your social media course was much more detailed than my previous training. The depth of the material and strategies was amazing. Hearing the conversations at lunch, I think Mark woke up a lot of chiefs.”

Police Chief Brian Kniskern, Knob Noster, MO

Missouri Police Chiefs Association Statewide Conference

Don't You Think It's Time That

Law Enforcement Professionals Stop Paying The Price For A Lack Of Expert Training On Nuances In The New Social Media "Free Speech" Laws?


"Too many public employees have paid the price for not receiving the expert tools to navigate social media safely. After auditing the course, we decided to mandate this training to every member of our police and fire departments. If you want to protect your people and your department, I strongly recommend this course."

 Police Chief Tim Barfield,

Wellington, OH (2021)

I Got Fed Up With Our Hardworking And Caring Law Enforcement Officers Making Costly Social Media Speech Mistakes. So, I Decided To Create A Specialized Online Course That All Departments Could Afford.

Johnson Police Department AK. _2PNG.PNG

"Your course on social media liability opened my eyes. The "Red Flag" strategies helped reduce our risk. When you first explained the value of your course, you weren't selling, you genuinely cared about our employees. The costs are minimal, the rewards are great."

Police Chief Wayne Woods,

City of Johnson, AK (2021)

My Expert Online Course Protects Your

Public Image And Employees From Losing...


Why would existing and future residents want to live in a community where untrained public employees constantly make discriminatory, harassing, and other hurtful social media statements?


Under new 1983 federal standards, both decision makers and employees are being held individually liable for social media mistakes. These cases destroy your

personal finances.

Growing Up In A Family Of Dedicated Public Employees And Elected Officials, I'm Very Passionate About Protecting Law Enforcement And All Public Employees From Social Media Liability.

University of Richmond.png

"I recently completed Social Media Attorney Fiedelholtz's online course. The value of the content compared to the price point is outstanding. The format of blending case law, real scenarios, and commentary, is excellent. I feel good about using this program to train my entire staff. I will recommend this course

to others."

Chief David McCoy

University of Richmond, VA

Mendocino County Sheriff_s Office Logo.jpeg

“I feel the course was well organized. Your passion on the subject matter translates well into your course. You obviously believe the information you present in the program.  Anyone in the public sector should be learning this stuff. Even if you're already pretty careful with your social media presence, you are going to learn more.” 


Zohar Zaied, Mendocino County Public Safety, CA

Questions? Call 954-748-7698

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