A Four-Part
Workshop Series for 2021
- Online -

facilitated by Ron Pevny

March 31st, April 7th, 14th, 21st

3:00 pm - 5:30 pm ET
Throughout our lives we experience many transitions -- passages between one social role and another, passages between stages in our development throughout the human lifespan, and passages that mark significant growth opportunities at whatever life stage we are in. And now multiple health, social and environmental crises are thrusting the entire human family into a powerful transition that carries with it grave danger as well as the potential for the personal and societal transformation that will enable humanity to survive and thrive. Successfully moving and growing through change—as opposed to trying futilely to hold on to a past that no longer supports true aliveness—requires that certain dynamics be recognized, honored and supported.  
In this course, we will explore these dynamics of transition and the importance to our well being of working with these dynamics as they seek to unfold in us. There will be special, but certainly not exclusive, focus on the transition from mid-life adulthood into elderhood.

Throughout these four sessions, Ron will share understandings, practices and rituals from the world’s wisdom traditions that will support your journey through your personal transitions and through humanity's collective time of both crisis and renewal.
This interactive series will consist of four, 2½ hour sessions and will include suggested practices, rituals and reflections to engage with between the four sessions. Some of the course’s key themes include:

  • Trusting the transition process
  • Practices and rituals for releasing and healing the past
  • Understanding the neutral zone and working with this difficult in-between time
  • Hearing the voice of guidance in times of feeling lost
  • Supporting new beginnings with purpose and intentionality
  • The power of community in supporting our passages through transition
  • The spiritual dimensions of transition

A private Facebook group will be available to provide additional support and sharing opportunities for course registrants. You must have an existing Facebook profile to join the group but you are not required to join this Facebook group in order to participate in the series.
Materials are not specific to any religious denomination, but serve to enhance spiritual maturity for persons who embrace any faith or humanistic practice. 
Presenter: Your guide on this exploration will be Certified Sage-ing Leader Ron Pevny, who is Director of the Center for Conscious Eldering and author of “Conscious Living, Conscious Aging.” Some 40 years ago, Ron became one of the first guides of contemporary wilderness rites of passage, and ever since, his calling has been to support people in navigating life transitions, 
Fees are being offered on a sliding scale; $350/$300/$250
(Payable by credit or debit card, or PayPal)
Each individual participates through a separate webcam-equipped digital device with internet capability (computer, tablet, smartphone) and mic and video cam capability, on a PC, MAC, or Linux platform. A second registrant at the same email address must have a separate digital device - they can register as a “guest” and pay the registration fee.
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