May/June 2018
A Message from Our President
As we head into the summer, we recommend taking advantage of "down time" to dive deep and re-energize strategies. And there's no better time do that than now, on the heels of Giving USA's latest report that charitable giving surpassed $400 billion in 2017. This record-breaking milestone was buoyed by individual giving, which increased by $14.27 billion to an all-time high of $286.65 billion last year. Now is the time to look at your top prospects and determine how to cultivate, solicit, and steward them in the best ways.

We provide a few tools for you to do that in this issue of TAGlines. In our blog, we offer a handy guidebook on "making the ask" specifically geared toward volunteers -- your biggest advocates and champions. We also highlight metrics-driven strategies that, when infused with the important relationship building work of your volunteers and gift officers, make for a targeted, successful development program. Our recent webinars and an article from our partner company, The Nonprofit Search Group, offer insight on how to build your best development team.

We're also excited to spotlight another one of our client partners, Western Reserve Land Conservancy; announce new partnerships; offer exciting new job opportunities; and welcome another member of our growing team.

As always, if we can help your institution or organization with our services, please contact us directly at (973) 540-1400 or info@theangelettigroup.
New from Our Blog
Making The Ask: A Guide for Volunteers
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"Making the ask" is at the heart of good fundraising techniques. Simply put, the most common reason why people give is because they were asked. It is crucial that volunteers fully grasp the organization’s distinctive characteristics and major challenges. Only then can the volunteer link the prospect’s personal and charitable goals to the most relevant needs of the organization. In this blog post, TAG provides 10 tips to help volunteers become more effective "askers."

Metrics That Mean Something: Establishing an Intentional and Effective Major Gifts Program
As major and mega-gifts continue to rise as a percentage of total giving, there is a growing need to depend on metrics-driven major gift programs. Strong, personal relationships combined with carefully crafted metrics and strategies make for a powerful fundraising duo. TAG shares how an effective fundraising team can build the metrics-driven program that will support your important relationship building work.

Accelerate Your Grateful Patient Program with Physician Engagement

As the Advisory Board has posited, even when solicited by trustees and hospital administrators, prospective donors often will consult their physician contacts regarding the importance of the requests. No leading medical center can realize its fundraising potential without support from its physicians. TAG shares tips for fundraisers to foster truly beneficial physician partnerships. 

Spotlight on Western Reserve Land Conservancy
In the late 1980s, small land conservation organizations were founded across Northeast Ohio to preserve precious local landscapes suddenly threatened by urban sprawl.

In 2006, eight land trusts merged to form a stronger and more effective land conservation organization: Western Reserve Land Conservancy (the Land Conservancy). This moment marked the largest-ever merger of land trusts in the United States and provided the foundation for accelerated land conservation efforts. To date, the Land Conservancy has permanently conserved more than 52,000 acres across its 22-county service region, including 220+ working farms as well as 150+ public parks and preserves.
In 2011, the Land Conservancy launched an innovative urban program, Thriving Communities, to address urban blight and to restore our cities to a verdant state of health. To date, the organization has helped establish 50+ county land banks, secured more than $410 million for demolition and regreening efforts, and led urban reforestation efforts in Cleveland.

Today, Western Reserve Land Conservancy is noted as one of the most prominent and impactful land trusts in the United States.

In 2017, the Land Conservancy's Board of Trustees launched a campaign planning initiative. To facilitate this process, the Land Conservancy engaged the Angeletti Group to conduct a feasibility study and, in turn, manage the campaign in collaboration with the organization's talented staff. The Campaign's quiet phase has already produced significant success with more seven figure gifts given than at any time in the organization’s history.  
New Partnerships
TAG is proud to begin new partnerships with the following organizations across a wide spectrum of practice areas.

Vellore Christian Medical College Foundation; New York, NY
Meridian Health Foundation: Planned Giving Counsel; Neptune, NJ

Oratory Preparatory School; Summit, NJ
Wooster School; Danbury, CT

Community Building
Brookgreen Gardens, Murrells Inlet, SC
Boy Scouts of America Northern New Jersey Council; Oakland, NJ
Presentations and Webinars
The Angeletti Group offers insights, resources, and training with our network through conference presentations, webinars, digital resources, and more!
Who should be interviewing your next chief development officer?
Susie Delaporte, Director of Client Partnerships and Executive Search at TAG, and professional with The Nonprofit Search Group, provides advice on who should interview candidates.
How to "Go Viral" in a Digital Fundraising World
Pete Winters discusses the impact of viral media on fundraising and how strategic and tactical considerations can be used across various platforms.
What Comes First, The Strategic Plan or Hiring the Chief Executive Officer?
Dennis Miller of The Nonprofit Search Group answers some of the most pressing questions leaders of nonprofit organizations have when faced with recruiting and onboarding a new c-suite executive.
Introducing Sarah Shrewsbury
TAG is pleased to welcome Sarah Shrewsbury as Director, Client Partnerships. Sarah has two-plus decades of successful, front-line development experience and four years experience as a consultant, focusing on major gift and campaign strategies, planning, and training, along with the all-important fine details of fundraising execution. 

Prior to consulting, Sarah served as a major gift development officer with Yale University, Mystic Seaport, The Nature Conservancy of Connecticut, and AmeriCares. She participated in many million-dollar and two billion-dollar campaigns. In the 1990’s, Sarah worked with Sara and Jay Angeletti on the $1.7 billion "..and for the Yale" campaign.

Sarah is a seasoned professional in all aspects of major gift fundraising and has helped secure 5, 6 & 7 figure gifts for a wide variety of designations, including current use/operating budget, bricks & mortar, endowments, historic preservation, education, human services, scientific studies, disaster relief, academic research & scholarship, international aid, museums, maritime societies, community sailing programs, United Way, environmental policy, land conservation, athletic programs, art galleries and libraries. Welcome, Sarah!
Executive Searches
The Nonprofit Search Group is a partnership between Dennis C. Miller and The Angeletti Group Executive Search Division and provides a range of executive search services from the beginning of a search to its completion.

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