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October 23rd, 2020
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Sunday Service continues to be Live Streamed at 10:00 am Sunday morning, but weather permitting, it'll be outdoors and in person for those that want to join us! Bring a lawn chair, wear a mask and plan on social distancing. Hope to see you there!

The antiphon comes out on Fridays which will include our weekly updates and the links to our live Sunday service. Please read below for more information.
Sunday Service Information
October 25th, 2020
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  "May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit." (Romans 15:13)
Sunday's Are a Changin'

This Sunday we will have our own outdoor worship service on our front lawn. Last Sunday we had our first outdoor service with Mother Pat and we were very excited and happy to gather in person even with the limitations and distances. We hoped we'd have a nice turnout and we did, so, let's get ready to do it again this Sunday!. The set up will be in front of the old parish hall with the portable podium, altar and piano. All are asked to wear a mask, bring a lawn chair (that will hopefully be more stable than out parish hall chairs on the grass) and spread out to social distance. We will have hand sanitizer and individual wafers in baggies so that we can actually have communion.
All Saints Sunday
On All Saints Sunday, November 1st, we will hold in remembrance the saints who have gone before us into the arms of God. Please send me those names you wish to list in the bulletin and to include in our prayers of remembrance. We can’t circulate a “clipboard” like we did last year for you to list names, so this is the next best thing. Just hit reply and type in the names of those who have impacted your life and are now among the heavenly saints of God. We need your submissions by October 25th in order to include them in the prayers and the bulletin. Those you wish to remember can be recently departed this life or long past – there are no rules for listing the saints of God. God’s peace, Mother Pat+
These pictures are all from last Sunday's outside in-person service. We will continue to hold the service outside as long as weather permits. Come join us in person! Just bring a chair and wear a mask and plan on social distancing!
Collect for the 21st Sunday after Pentecost
Almighty and everlasting God, increase in us the gifts of faith, hope, and charity; and, that we may obtain what you promise, make us love what you command; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.
READINGS FOR SUNDAY, October 25th, 2020

The word of the Lord!
(This is a photo from our first outside service last Sunday)
Stewardship Drive at St. Andrew's 
Update from the treasurer... we have received 18 pledges and 20 commitment forms so far. If you haven't sent yours in or dropped it by you can still do so as we are still gathering in preparation of developing our budget which will happen soon enough. I will put updates in each week. Right now I can say that we have 62% of what our budget was last year that has been pledged. We also have quite a few commitment forms covering most ministries but hoping to get more soon.
Birthdays & Anniversaries in October
 Happy Birthday to all our October Birthday folks:    
 5  Wink Porterfield
 7  Kathryn Allen
 8  Glorianne Patterson
 15 Joseph Ford
 16 Lois Noval
 17 Judy Stech, Kim Teasley, Bill Ellenberger
 23  Helen Faye Neeley, Carol Mohor
 27  Anne Porterfield
Happy Anniversary to:     
 27        Dawn & Harvey Lemay

Altar Flowers
I have been receiving and accepting donations for flowers all along and those funds have seen us through those weeks that we had no one signed up and we will use these again for the Sundays that the church does the flowers for Advent and other occasions in the future. Thank you to those that have given so generously. We will continue to accept offerings to pay for our flowers on the altar for Sunday services and hope that if you would like to dedicate this offering we will be happy to include that dedication in our bulletin that we send out each week. Below are those who signed up for the remainder of the year.
October: Richard Thompson 4th & 11th, Michelle Wetherbee 18th & 25th
November: J Woodrum 1 & 8, the C. Pufall 15th & 22nd... then we will have the advent wreath and greens up until Christmas.
December: The church will take up a collection and we will have dedications for the poinsettias for Christmas Eve until Epiphany.

It would help a great deal if you could send your dedications to my email at so I can include this in the bulletin.
Community News: Hartwell Helps Resource Guide [H.I.M]

H.I.M. [Hart Interdenominational Ministries] has been affected by COVID-19 just as all businesses, families, churches, agencies, etc. Basic services to help Hart County residents has continued to the extent possible using telephone vetting of requests for assistance.
One annual event – Hartwell Helps EXPO – had to be cancelled. For those unfamiliar with this event, it brings many social and governmental agencies together in one place to provide information on services available to help during times of need.
Knowing the restrictions placed on families and individuals, H.I.M. has produced a Hartwell Helps Resource Guide with a brief description of services provided and contact information. These [bright green] sheets have been placed on the bulletin board in the Parish Hall. If you or someone you know has a need for this information, please feel free to take one.
Blessings! Betty Martin, your H.I.M. Board member
The new 2020-21 issue of of Pathways magazine is available to order on line. (Quantities are limited.) To get your copy sent to you use this link: PATHWAYS
Contacting Mother Pat during the week is possible just know that she prefers email. Her email address is:; for pastoral emergencies (sudden hospitalizations, death in the family) call her at 404-754-6980.