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Designed by iGuzzini

Crystal delivers preciousness to the ceiling and throughout any space. The minimal linear form combines with the rich finish to create a magical play of light reflections, even when not in use. The new patented Opti Diamond optic is the result of a careful study of materials and engineering that optimize the catadioptric principle, producing an extraordinary brilliance, visual comfort and high efficiency.

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Designed by BetaCalco

With a lens only 2” in width, BLOCK SLIM is BetaCalco's narrowest linear recessed yet. BLOCK SLIM Recessed offers a slimline aesthetic that does not compromise on performance and delivers up to 135 lumens per watt. Standalone lengths up to 12’ are available, as well as continuous runs up to 50’ on a single circuit. Use a combination of lengths to create digital-age design effects on the ceiling or long lines of light for ambient illumination or wayfinding.

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Aphros-0282-0292-0302AMTCR image

AphrosDesign by Oriano Favaretto

for Sylcom

Masiero-Favaretto image

Oriano Favaretto was born in Treviso in 1956. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice with master Emilio Vedova. He lives and works in the Venetian countryside which, with his human and natural presences, marks his inner and artistic formation.

The passion for Murano glass brings him closer to the legendary forge of angels where he collaborates with legendary names in the sector.

Among the numerous successes achieved in his career we point out some: 1981 – winner of the competition between Italian academies and winner of the scholarship to the Bevilacqua la Masa Foundation; 1987 and 1992 – Murano prize, Guggenheim Peggy Collection and A.B.A .; 1993 – gold lamp award, s.i.i., Paris; 1997 winner of the prix d’excellence prize for the Polipò lamp of the year, Marie Claire.

Rural and visionary, poised between form and content, Favaretto ranges in the world of design by signing products for international companies and brands such as: Sylcom, Venini, Artemide, Cattelanitalia, Masiero, Demajo, Leucos, Porada, Bonaldo, Mastella, Vistosti, Linealight, Mastelladesign, Viabizzuno.

Currently, his works are exhibited at the Murano glass museum and in private collections.

The sea foam – or aphros in ancient Greek – from which the goddess Aphrodite was born materializes in the form of small glass sculptures full of charm, color and appeal. A delightful collection of blown-glass lighting fixtures proposed in hanging, wall and ceiling versions. The variety of shapes and colors attractively light up and reveal the beauty of the glass and play of contrasts on the smooth surface peppered with mini bubbles. Aphros is also proposed as a system for group compositions that can be adapted to the most wide-ranging design needs.

Aphros-composizione-KIT0281_0281_0291_0301TOPGRYCR_closeup image

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Hitting the High Note with Visioneering’s LHBT Luminaire.

The high and mighty LHBT by Visioneering is a high-performance recessed luminaire designed for lay-in low and high-bay applications. This luminaire is ideally suited for high ceiling applications in commercial offices, industrial environments, retail merchandising, educational spaces and many others. The LHBT delivers up to 30,000 lumens with an ambient operating temperature of up to 50˚C.

The LHBT’s clean and simple design allows for field installation of a frosted lens and or wire-guard option without the need for a doorframe.

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