Let's Go Shlomo!

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Join your fellow TBC congregants in creating a cool collection of "Let's Go Shlomo" photos of your TBC community summer activities!

Here's how it works:

  • Print the picture of Cantor Harriet as Shlomo (in her Purim wandering-the-desert attire) and take her wherever your travels take you.  

  • Take some selfies of you and the Cantor Shlomo/Harriet doing Shabbat on the back deck, rowing in a canoe at camp, sun-bathing at the beach or drinking wine in Italy.

  • Our Cantor loves to travel so please remember to take her along. Anywhere...Everywhere!

  • Then send your photos to:
with your name and and indication of where it was taken.
We'll post some to Chailites,Twitter, and Instagram as we get them and -- at the end of the summer -- display our community collection!
Here's a link to Shlomo/Harriet for printing, merging, adapting, etc. Be creative!