June 2015
Big Developments for Lattice Biologics 

2014 and 2015 have been amazing for the Lattice Biologics family of staff, researchers, surgeons, and investors.  We especially want to thank the community near and far who have supported our efforts.  You make the team's every scientific advancement  possible.  Some of Lattice's recent major accomplishments include:
  • Raising $8 million (USD) in financing.
  • Developing a new management team comprised of experts in each critical field.
  • Presenting at several major industry conferences.
  • Fully populating our Plastic Surgery call point Scientific Advisory Board (SAB).
  • Covering the nation from coast-to-coast to meet with vital partners, investors, and specialists.
  • Forming valuable technology and research partnerships.

Throughout 2015, we plan to build on our existing knowledge base with the support of our SAB members and make significant strides in clinical research.  Thoughtfully crafted studies and white papers will continue to propel Lattice Biologics solutions to the next level, bringing member investments full-circle.


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In this issue, we are excited to share some of our latest news with you!  Thank you for joining us on this journey and stay tuned!


Guy Cook,


Lattice Biologics, Inc.

Scottsdale Cell Therapy Firm Lattice Biologics Lands $1M Capital Infusion


Scottsdale-based Lattice Biologics Inc. just got $1 million from Grenville Strategic Royalty Corp. (TSX VENTURE: GRC). 


"This brings Grenville's total Lattice investment to $3 million," said Guy Cook, CEO of Lattice Biologics, which focuses on cellular therapies and tissue engineering. The Toronto-based firm had invested $2 million in Lattice last September...

Read the whole article here:

Phoenix Business Journal May 21 2015

Grenville Completes Follow-On Investment in Lattice Biologics


Grenville Strategic Royalty Corp. (TSX VENTURE:GRC) ("Grenville") is pleased to announce that it has advanced an additional USD$1,000,000 to Lattice Biologics Inc...


"Lattice Biologics is a fast growing company in regenerative medicine, and we need supportive partners like Grenville to develop our next generation allografts," stated Guy Cook, President and CEO of Lattice Biologics. "Part of the use of proceeds will be to begin clinical testing, which we believe will be available in early 2016."...

Read the whole article here:

Yahoo! Finance May 11 2015 


Presenting on Emergent Technology: the World Stem Cell Conference


Christopher Bradley, PhD, Lattice Biologics' Project Manager in stem cell product development, recently presented "Extracellular Matrix-Assisted Cell Viability" at the 5th World Conference on Cell & Stem Cell Research (Stem Cell Therapy-2015) in Chicago this March.

Our work in emergent adult stem cell therapy technology is leading to the "next generation of allografts." These treatments will offer true regenerative solutions for a variety of surgical applications, including spinal fusion, tendon replacement, breast reconstruction, and dermal wound healing. In contrast to traditional methods, new allografts will be self-healing through the application of stem cells and stem cell-derived technologies.

Way to go, Chris!

Read the presentation abstract here:

Bradley: "Extracellular Matrix-Assisted Cell Viability"  

Interested in attending next year? Click the OMICS logo above for registration information and view this year's program here:

5th World Congress on Cell & Stem Cell Research - Scientific Program

Attending the 2nd Annual Canadian Burn Symposium in Toronto 


We had a great time interacting with industry experts at the 2nd Annual Canadian Burn Conference: Challenging Paradigms in Burn Care May 25-26 in Toronto.

The event featured Plastic Surgeons, Trauma Surgeons, Allied health, Physiotherapists, Researchers, Nutritionists, and First Responders.

Hot Topics included:

  • Wound healing: Stem cells; Donor Dressings - Has anyone found the silver bullet?
  • Dermal and epidermal substitutes; scarring
  • Quality improvement in burns; Updates on recent RCT in burns and creation of a Canadian platform for multi-centre trials
  • ASD/PTSD and long-term outcomes in burns
  • Burn rehabilitation and therapy; should we be more aggressive?
  • Burn nursing - challenges and opportunities
  • Geriatric burn patients; critical care, wound healing, outcomes

Learn more about the program and faculty here:

2nd Annual Canadian Burn Symposium

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Lattice Biologics Inc. is an emerging leader in the field of cellular therapies and tissue engineering, with a focus on bone, skin, and cartilage regeneration.  


We develop, manufacture, and market biologic products to domestic and international markets.


Our products are used in a variety of applications, including:

Enhancing fusion in spine surgery


Enhancing  breast reconstruction post mastectomy for breast cancer patients


Sports medicine indications, including ACL repair

Promotion of bone regeneration in foot and ankle surgery

Enhancing wound repair in burn victims


Subchondral bone defect repair in knee and other joint surgeries

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Lattice Biologics Inc. currently holds Certificates to Foreign Governments from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration

(FDA) for 29 countries. 


These certificates allow us to export Bone, Tendon, Meniscus, Ligament, Soft Tissue, and Cartilage products outside of the U.S: 

  1. Argentina
  2. Australia

  3. Austria

  4. Belgium

  5. Brazil

  6. Canada

  7. Chile

  8. Czech Republic

  9. Denmark

  10. Germany

  11. Greece

  12. Iceland

  13. Israel

  14. Italy

  15. Korea

  16. Mexico

  17. Japan

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  22. Portugal

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  24. South Africa

  25. Spain

  26. Sweden

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  28. Turkey

  29. United Kingdom 


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