To: All clergy, wardens and parish treasurers
We apologize for all the additional emails, but today The Episcopal Church has issued additional guidance on applying for PPP loans.

If you are applying for the PPP program, please be in contact with Carine de Lange before applying . It is unclear at this point whether lenders providing PPP loans will require non-profit borrowers to provide evidence of their non-profit status.

In an abundance of caution, we will provide you with documents you may be asked to provide to your bank in order to prove your status as a 501(c)(3) organization.  These documents are as follows, all of which will be sent to you on request:

  1. Letter from The Episcopal Church stating that your Diocese and its participating parishes are included in the Church’s Group Exemption, which is Group Exemption Number 3741;
  2. Letter from the IRS dated July 20, 2015 reconfirming the Church’s Group Tax Exemption;
  3. I.R.S. Bulletin 4573.
  4. Customized letter from the Bishop confirming that your congregation is part of the Diocese of Southern Ohio.