To: All clergy, wardens and parish treasurers
Following up on our previous messages regarding financial aid to congregations here and here , we have some new information to share regarding applying for financial assistance from the diocese.

Recognizing that assistance to congregations may be needed far longer than we can imagine at this time, we have added a new requirement that application for assistance through the Government Care Act Payroll Protection Program (PPP) must be a congregation’s first step. This is a loan that will be forgiven should you retain your staff and use the money towards certain cost (staffing and utilities).

You may recall that a few years ago, after a series of conversations with Bishop Breidenthal around our diocese, we established five Mission Priorities. The fifth priority was ”Stewardship of Resources” and is guiding our decision to require that you first seek financial assistance through the PPP program.

As a US Government initiative, PPP is potentially a “renewable” resource. Unfortunately the monies available to the diocese from the William Cooper Procter Memorial Endowment are not renewable.

This is time sensitive due to a limited amount of funding available, so please apply as soon as possible through your bank. By obtaining this assistance it will free up more diocesan money in the long term for assistance. More information is on our website -

To recap, we do require that you apply for a PPP loan for us to consider your application for assistance. Please confirm that you have or are in the process of applying for the loan when applying for diocesan assistance.

Please note: We have noted our partnership with PNC as a resource for applying for a PPP loan. It has come to our attention that your church must have an account with PNC to apply for a PPP with them .

We realize that this is a lot of information we are sending to you all at once. Please keep in mind that Carine de Lange can assist with supplying the required supporting documents confirming that you are a 501(c)(3) entity as a “participating parish” in the Diocese of Southern Ohio, or with any other questions you may have. Contact Carine at .