2020 | Issue 1
Raising the stakes for aquaculture
A major new initiative in recirculating aquaculture got a frigid start in December during a northern Wisconsin snowstorm--yet enthusiasm and spirits were warm.

The Recirculating Aquaculture Salmon Network will support the sustainable development of the land-based Atlantic salmon industry. Funded by the National Sea Grant Office, the network brings together three Sea Grant programs, private industry, research partners and others.

Mercury reductions derailed by AIS
Research by Ryan Lepak, a postdoctoral researcher with the Aquatic Sciences Center, reveals that aquatic invasive species have upended the food web and forced fish to seek atypical food sources contaminated with mercury.

This is despite 40 years of reduced mercury use, emissions and loading in the Great Lakes region.

UW-Madison and EPA to train next generation of scientists
The university's Aquatic Sciences Center and the U.S Environmental Protection Agency have embarked on a three-year project that will supercharge efforts to train the next generation of scientists protecting human health and the environment. Read more

The interplay of nature and pollution in the St. Louis River
Christina Remucal of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Kristine Wammer of the University of St. Thomas have studied how nature breaks down pollution in the St. Louis River. They focused on four specific pollutants in this Sea Grant-funded research. Learn more

Survey results confirm AIS messaging
Good news! A survey of Wisconsin boaters demonstrates that the message about preventing the spread of aquatic invasive species (AIS) is getting through. Boater-education campaigns are working, leading boaters to take action. Find out more
Wisconsin's Groundwater Coordinating Council
The Groundwater Coordinating Council is an inter-agency group that protects our vast groundwater resources and funds cutting-edge research.

Says one member, "The genius of the GCC is that it recognizes that we all need to work together to protect the resource." Get to know the people of the GCC and their efforts in this video.