D ear EPIC Parent,

A new law passed this legislative session and which takes effect on July 1 requires that all parents who enroll their children in a virtual charter school in Oklahoma undergo an orientation of that school prior to the enrollment being final. This is being interpreted to even include parents whose children have attended the virtual charter school in previous years.

At EPIC, we are complying with this new law by embedding orientation in the ILP meeting because the ILP is the last step in the enrollment process. Because you have already completed your ILP with your teacher, we need to provide the orientation materials to you in this email and document that you are in receipt of that email. The functionality of this email system allows us to know if you received and opened this email.

Attached is a PDF that includes information and links to orientation information and below are links to four short videos that also include orientation information. Please watch these videos. Other changes in law, such as the number of assignments that students must complete each quarter to be considered in legal attendance, are discussed in these videos:

Thank you for enrolling your child in EPIC Charter Schools. We look forward to serving you in the 2020-2021 school year!

EPIC Charter Schools