Orchard in Bloom
Just in time for Earth Day Week, our orchard burst into bloom Easter Monday. Hundreds of trees sparkled with white petals in the sunshine. We could not have planned a better time to celebrate Mother Nature all around us.

Mild weather kept the blossoms in place on the trees for an entire week! Quite delightful sight for all to see. Now as the soft petals gracefully fall, the race to September and the start of harvest begins!   Our Pear Varieties

mothers day basket
Great Gift idea!

Mothers' Day Gift Basket

Share a green gift that keeps giving! Mom will appreciate healthy snacks to enjoy with the family while working in the garden this Spring. This gift basket, brimming with treats, is a compostable soil pot - can be used to plant the seeds and moss included.

  50% off Ground shipping: Mom 
Chili Verde recipe just in
time for Cinco de Mayo.
Flavorful, healthy meal for Spring using our dried Asian Pears. Chef Lesle serves up this vegetarian dish to enjoy May 5th.

Download our new recipe.

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