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Outgoing Pinehurst council member Drum sounds off

A rambling editorial published by The Pilot on November 14 sought to condemn the dysfunction of the Pinehurst Village Council after a ginned up pair of ethics violation charges against two of its members.

The violations were raised, opined The Pilot, in "that especially excruciating way only Pinehurst can belabor the tiniest thing."

Translation: A declining Southern Pines newspaper is obsessed with its "inferiority complex" regarding its neighboring community. Again.

But let us not regress. The editorial finally got around to the absurdity of the council's witch hunt. It concluded:

"Boesch and Drum were justly accused but unjustly treated (emphasis added). This could have been brought up last month, discussed and dispatched as the relatively minor matters they were. Instead, the council dragged it out right up to the election — an action that reeks of political shenanigans aimed at Drum."

The Pilot published Drum's photo but never called him to request comment. Read Drum's rebuke of The Pilot editorial. Click here.
School Board Association
denounces parent targeting
The North Carolina School Board Association (NCSBA) voted on November 11 to withdraw its membership to the National School Board Association (NSBA).

NCSBA President Amy Churchill and Executive Director Leanne E. Winner sent a letter to their membership announcing the termination of the membership with the NSBA. The letter says the decision will be effective as of June 30, 2022.

The letter read, in part: “The September 29 letter from NSBA to President Biden, in both its inflammatory language and the request for federal agencies to intervene in our communities (and target parents opposing county school boards as threats), was just one in a series of lapses in governance.”

This bold step by the state association of school boards vindicates Moore County school board member Bob Levy, who, on November 8, asked the county board to resolve that it denounces recent "communications from the (U.S.) Attorney General and the President of the National School Boards Association".

The resolution was defeated, 4-2, with Levy and David Hensley voting to support its adoption.
State Board of Education
won't back down on surveys
Social Emotional Learning (SEL) surveys of public school children have been widely scrutinized and are considered dangerous because they are invasive. In Moore County, the surveys have been denounced by school board members principally because the provider, Panorama, collects and then retains the data on children.

But in Raleigh, the education establishment remains committed to surveying. Education First Alliance NC, a policy watchdog and independent reporting platform, warns that the state board of education and the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) are "doubling down".

The State Board of Education's Bi-Annual Planning Session on November 3 was chock-full of critical race theory and social emotional learning presentations. Superintendent Catherine Truitt (photo nearby) told the state school board that her department would be responsible for "operationalizing" the board's strategic plans, which include:

  • Inserting critical race theory into every subject via social emotional learning (SEL)
  • Student surveys
  • Equity training for teachers
  • Elimination of academically gifted courses
NC Attorney General Stein
threatens to grab $1.7 billion
Judge David Lee will violate the North Carolina Constitution and 200 years of legal precedent by ordering the executive branch to withdraw $1.7 billion from the state treasury over the objections of the legislature, reported Carolina Journal.

The statement references a November 9 hearing scheduled in front of Judge Lee, the retired Union County judge who oversees Leandro proceedings, in which the state faces allegations that it does not provide a satisfactory public education. Read more.
It's begin to feel a lot like ...
Election Season 2022
The candidate filing period for numerous local, state and federal 2022 races is fast approaching, even as prospects for opens seats weigh the recent re-drawing of county and statewide districts based on the 2020 U.S. Census.

Candidates can begin filing at noon on December 7 until noon on December 17, 2021. A new county map (below) was approved by the Moore County Board of Commissioners on October 5. Three seats on the commissioners board will be vacated in 2022, District 1 (Catherine Graham), District 3 (Otis Ritter) and District 5 (Jerry Daeke). All are registered Republicans.

Statewide, re-drawn maps have created many shifting candidate scenarios. Sen. Tom McInnis will run for re-election as Moore County's senator but in a new district (D-21). He has no confirmed primary opponent to date. Review the map: 2023 NC Senate map

Moore County will have three NC House members after the 2022 elections, beginning in January 2023. Rep. Allen McNeill (D-78) if re-elected will become Pinehurst's state house representative, with Rep. Jamie Boles re-assigned to other parts of Moore County. It is expected, as a result, that Boles, deputy majority whip, will face a primary opponent in Ben Moss of Richmond County. 2023 NC House map

The newly re-drawn District 51 will represent a portion of Moore County. John Sauls of Lee County is a reliable Republican and expected to win re-election.
Rep. Bishop assigned by map
to NC District 8

U.S. Rep. Dan Bishop (NC-9) will run for re-election in 2022, but his new constituency will reside in NC-8 as a consequence of Census driven re-mapping. He will represent the entirety of Moore County as a result and is expected to assume residence in the county.

The shift also sets into a motion a scenario in which Bishop will face a primary opponent in December. Review 2023 U.S. Congressional map

Moore County
Commissioner Districts
By the numbers

146.6 million

Americans infected by the Wuhan Virus who are naturally immune to further infection, based on an October report quietly issued by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The report goes on to note that the figure of 146.6 million may actually be an underestimate, based on earlier CDC calculations. In May, the government health agency estimated that around 120 million Americans at the time had contracted the virus. “Because the CDC estimated (and continues to estimate) there have been at least four Covid infections for every case reported, then based on its report of 46.9 million (new) cases ... there would be 187.6 million Americans who were infected and thus possess ‘natural immunity,'” reported truth-in-reporting advocate Kyle Becker (Source: Becker News, November 13, 2021)

<13% - 60%

In a new study, published in the journal Science, researchers find the three COVID vaccines offered about the same protection against the virus in March, when the Delta variant was first detected in the U.S., but that changed quickly six months later. The Moderna two-dose vaccine went from being 89% effective in March to 58% effective in September, according to a story about the study in the Los Angeles Times. The Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine went from being 87% effective to 45% effective over the same time period.  The Johnson & Johnson vaccine showed the biggest drop -- from 86% effectiveness to 13% over those six months. Read more.


Days remaining in the countdown to Election Day 2022
Supt. Grimesey in video
extolls equity agenda

Moore County schools are guided by a radical Leftist -- Superintendent Bob Grimesey -- who was candid about his views during a recent video conference with "Tar Heel Teachers at Home". Note the moderator displays a Black Lives Matter banner over her shoulder. Join the conversation at 26:48 when the moderator laments that Moore County is "a predominantly white district." Grimesey proceeds to cave to her scolding inference.
Stand for North Carolina
A rally to oppose Stacy Abrams
THIS Thursday
6:30 pm
The Durham Performing Arts Center
Presented by:
Frederick Douglass Foundation
NC Black Conservative Voices
Contact Addul Ali
The New York Tenors
Return to Pinehurst
To celebrate
The Spirit of Christmas
Wednesday, December 8
The Fair Barn
A fundraiser to support
The Moore County GOP
Local Gold Star families
Purchase a table
The ultimate Christmas party
Contact Nicole Dunstan

Thursday, December 2
Assemble near IGA and
Carolina Fried Chicken
Middleton Street
6 pm

Monday, December 6
Assemble at VFW
Carthage Street
7 pm

Tuesday, December 7
Assemble near Hardee's and
Veterans Memorial Park
6:30 pm


Moore Buddies Mentoring
Holiday celebration
Thursday, December 9
Rubicon Farm
570 Rubicon Rd, West End
5:30 pm


Moore Republican Women present
A Candy Cane Ball
Wednesday, December 15
Country Club of North Carolina
To benefit the Moore Republican
Men's Club PAC
Details TBD.
NC GOP Hall of Fame Gala
Saturday, December 4
Hilton Raleigh North Hills
3415 Wake Forest Road
 VIP Roundtable at 5:00 pm
Dinner at 6:30 pm
Matt Schlapp
Conservative Political Action Coalition (CPAC)
Mercedes Schlapp
Senior Fellow
American Conservative Union


“This ($1 trillion-plus 'infrastructure') bill is actually going to address the core costs that American families are facing in child care, in housing, in health care. It will cut the cost of child care by more than half for most working families. It will build new housing all around the country to let people find new opportunities to find jobs and live in an affordable way. And it'll do it all while being fully paid for."

"In the short term, number one, we have to finish the job on COVID. We know that the more that people feel comfortable getting out into the economy, going to movies, rather than buying a television at home, working in the workplace, the more we can return a sense of normalcy to our economy. Getting those shots out for 5-to-11-year-olds is going to provide a lot of comfort to American families. We're making a lot of progress on that front. Getting more workplaces COVID-free is going to make more Americans comfortable getting back into the labor market as well."

A day in the life of a Biden administration surrogate.
Top: National Economic Council director Brian Deese, appearing on ABC's Sunday news show, This Week, repeating the oft refuted narrative that a $1 trillion infrastructure bill -- with only $150 billion allocated to actual transportation projects -- is "paid for" without explaining how. Next: Deese raises the prospect that rising inflation will be reined in after children ages 5-11 become more widely vaccinated against the Wuhan Virus, which children do not transmit.
Above: Lt. Governor Mark Robinson (descending the stairs) attracted an enthusiastic audience of Moore County Republicans at Little River Golf Resort in Carthage during a November 10 fund-raiser. The evening raised $50,000.
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Steve Bannon surrenders to FBI, goes 'on offense'

Federal prosecutors did not move to detain Bannon, who was released on his own recognizance after turning himself in November 15.

Bannon, outside the courthouse after a hearing said, “This is going to be the misdemeanor from hell for Merrick Garland and Joe Biden,” promising, "we are going on the offense” against the Biden administration.

The former White House adviser to Trump, who left government in August 2017, is the first person to face criminal charges for refusing to cooperate with the Jan. 6 House "select" committee.
If you know, you know ...
The JD and Maureen Show

John Zumwalt and Maureen Krueger keep us focused on government overregulation and abuse during their new WEEB Sunday 1 p.m. show, an hourlong discussion of local and statewide issues, some well known, others uncovered by the co-hosts.

If your golf tee times or Sunday brunch rituals conflict, fear not. Go to Click on Podcasts on the lefthand navigation. Scroll to the John and Maureen Show. Click on the show you wish to hear. Click here. Photo: With legendary Lee Greenwood, August 16, 2021, Aberdeen, NC.