November 2020
Dear Colleague,
This month we released a neural probe manipulator arm with magnetic base mounting, a new option to expand and enhance the Multi-Probe Micromanipulator (MPM) System. Thanks to all of our users for your constant feedback and support!

The MPM Team at New Scale Technologies

Magnetic Base Provides Additional MPM Flexibility
A new MPM Arm with magnetic base allows users to mount the arm anywhere on a laboratory table. Image courtesy Chockalingam Ramanathan, Veit Lab, University of Freiburg.
New Scale Technologies has released a new MPM Arm with magnetic base. This new mounting option provides greater flexibility for users working with an MPM System. The new Probe Arm MPM-4-DOF ARM-Upright-Magnetic can be mounted anywhere on a metal lab table. The location is not constrained to the ring system.

In this example, the new manipulator arm with magnetic mount will be used to position a fiber optic, which may need to be moved more frequently than the probe arms on the ring. 
VCS Software: Simplify multi-probe positioning within a common stereotactic coordinate space
Last month we released our Virtual Coordinate System (VCS) software for both upright and inverted MPM Systems. The VCS software:

  • Dramatically simplifies planning, simulation and execution of neural recording experiments.

  • Allows control of multiple probes within a common stereotactic coordinate space.

  • Ensures that all probes follow the desired approach angles and insertion trajectories to reach target points in the brain atlas.

Current MPM System users can download the software and watch tutorial videos today. Contact support for access to the user portal
We look forward to seeing you at this online event. Please let us know if you're interested in joining us at a virtual social event for MPM users in conjunction with the conference. Email us.
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